Australia's Guvera Offers Free Streaming Music On Android And iOS Devices

There are plenty of companies offering subscription music services in Australia, but virtually all of them ask for a monthly fee. Spotify is one of the few that offers a free ad-supported service, but you still have to pay to use it on a mobile device. Enter Guvera: An Australian developed free music streaming (supported by advertising) which you can access on iOS and Android devices.

We actually wrote up Guvera in its original incarnation way back in 2010 when it was an entirely web-based option. It has somewhat slipped under the radar since then, but the revamped version is a big improvement on the original, especially in offering ad-supported clients for Android and iOS. Aside from the expected platform cosmetic differences, both versions are similar: you can create your own playlists, check out featured tracks, and search for individual artists.

You can sign into Guvera using Facebook or set up an account via your email address. The site claims "millions" of tracks; my searches suggest that the range isn't as broad as Spotify and there are some problems with metadata on quite a few tracks, but there's enough there to keep your playlist ticking over for quite a while. If you want to avoid the ads, you can sign up for an $11.99 a month Platinum account. The free option will probably be enough to please casual listeners; as with any streaming service, stick to Wi-Fi to avoid excessive data charges.

Guvera (iOS, Android)

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    I'll have to check that out, Spotify has a great selection but their Android app is pretty bad (same deal with Rdio). I wish Google would hurry up and bring Google music to Australia as I'd much prefer to own the music I like.

    "as with any streaming service, stick to Wi-Fi to avoid excessive data charges." - not quite, if you use Mog and a Telstra mobile then data isn't counted. I recommend it.

    What is wrong with Pandora?! It's on iOS, Android and the net. It's ad-support (like one really short ad for every 5 - 10 songs) and it totally rocks!

    I just use Grooveshark, fully HTML5/mobile functions sorts me fine. Make my playlists at work and home or on the work computer, or even just search for random songs in the car. Then play them in the car wirelessly through Bluetooth functions to my low-end yet fully capable JVC head unit. Grooveshark has enough library (more than Spotify) so this keeps me sorted. When I switch from iOS to WP8 I will have the benefit of just a simple website to visit, and then continue to play my songs with the WP8 synced via Bluetooth

    My sister showed me a few months ago and I haven't stopped using it since... free and no ads. they also have iOS and Android apps

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