Grace Your iPad Mini With The Sterile Charm Of An Apple Store Display

If you're worried about friends, family or co-workers breaking or even scuffing up your new iPad Mini, this heavy-duty acrylic security base is reminiscent of what Apple uses to protect its hardware in its stores. Made from clear acrylic that's over an inch thick at one end, the case can even be secured to a surface with an adhesive backing or tamper-proof screws. So there's little risk of theft too.

At two pounds it completely negates the reasons most people would buy an iPad Mini in the first place, namely it being light and compact. So consider this an $US80 insurance policy more than anything.

[NewPCgadgets via Gear Diary]



    Such a warm and fuzzy name for such a shitty product or should I say products. Time to get some balance back into Giz - even this piece of crap gets a good review!

      the plastic gets a good review because it does exactly what is says its going to do.

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