Fisher-Price's Iconic Farm Set Gains iPad Dock, Loses Imagination

If you grew up in the 1980s playing with Fisher-Price's now iconic Little People Barnyard Playset (remember the mooing sound effect when you opened the barn door?) prepare to be just a little saddened at the company's modernised version of it.

Tiny fields of imaginary wheat have been replaced with an iPad dock and the Little People Apptivity Barnyard companion app. Available sometime this fall the playset still includes a handful of Little People characters and animals, but they've been 'enhanced' with capacitive nubs on the bottom allowing them to interact with the iPad's touchscreen display. Admittedly some of the mini-games were kind of fun, particularly recklessly tearing around the farm with the little tractor, but it's hard not to be nostalgic of a time when kids just relied on their imaginations.



    And if you don't have an iPad?


    "Buy this toy, only 14.99!"

    $499 iPad sold separately.

      And if you don't have an iPad?

      Then your kids will hate you.

    Seems like an appropriate reaction...

    For once the saddest part of this story is not the Apple product.

    My kids will be given toys that are not electronic. Imagination seems to be lost on today's youth.

    You assume the playset is no longer available. It is.

    This is just expanding on their apptivity range which is good, the more money in the apptivity department means more free & educational apptivity apps and less of kids playing pointless angry birds games.

      I don't have a problem with kids using an iPad for educational games (My 2.5 year old nephew loves playing games on the iPad), but I think combining physical toys with consumer electronics is a bad mix. Kids should be able to use their imagination to create stories with their plastic farm animals, sticking an iPad in there limits them to the parameters of the app. I think things like this restrict imaginative play.

        +1 but as my wife and i always say it comes down to monitoring the kid and how often they use these gadgets, i give my 4 year old my tablet to play games but we limit it to about 1 hour in total a day given the tablet is with me during the week at work he is lucky to get 1 hour a week. He has an amazing imagination sometimes too crazy simply because he has toys that are not connected to tablets (do not have the apptivity toys) he has skylanders and i think he plays with the toy part of those more than the game itself

        I agree. I don't really like the set. It looks like a lower quality then the usual Little People sets (maybe it's the show lighting but they're way shiny) and the main reason you buy little people is because the pieces go together, none of this set is usable with other sets. But, the fisher price apps are generally pretty good and if selling this to someone else is how they pay for them instead of charging each app, I'm happy.

        We have the basic case from Fisher price. I'd guess that 80% of the use has been by me and my wife too lazy to find 10c to undo the safety lock, 19% saving the device from being pulled off a table by my son and 1% actually by him. And has only ever played with drawing or music apps (like a piano, etc).

    This seem's more appropriate for a Windows 8 tablet. :-)

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