Finally, Wall-Mounted Bike Storage That Looks Great

Wall-mounted bicycle storage is incredibly practical, but it usually leaves you with an industrial-looking mess when the bike is in use. Not if you get hold of a Trophy Bicycle Holder: a modern riff on the stuffed animal head that doubles as a bike hanger.

Available in two designs — Trophy:Bull or Trophy:Deer — these powder-coated metal frames fasten to the wall in the same way as other wall-mounted bicycle storage. The Bull version seems the more practical, because the antlers on the Deer model are really quite long, but your choice may depend on colour: the Bull is available in red and yellow, while the Deer comes in white or black.

Whichever you plump for, they offer a neat take on the good ol' fashioned tradition of hanging the heads of dead animals from the wall and look a treat whether the bike's there or not. They cost $US120 which is a little on the expensive side — but if you see it as two purchases in one, it doesn't seem quite as painful. [Trophy via Design Milk]

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