Faulty iPhone Burns Through $30,000 Of Mobile Data

A supposedly "faulty" iPhone landed a man in severe financial trouble after the device racked up an astonishing $30,000 data bill — and UK network Orange tried to take the money from the bloke's account.

Chris Bovis realised he had been cut off, so he phoned Orange for an explanation. That was when he discovered the network had tried to bill him $US14,000 for exceeding his data allowance. His bank had rather unsurprisingly refused the transaction, so Orange blocked his number. Orange also told Chris his next bill would be around the $US16,000 level.

The actual source of the problem is a little vague. Chris said the iPhone was even downloading data while switched off, with Apple employees agreeing it was broken in some way and replacing the phone. Orange eventually caved in and agreed to reduce his bill to $450, before completely giving up and writing off the entire amount. [Evening Standard]

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    the iPhone was even downloading data while switched off

    Yeah sure this happens all the time. Methinks this guy is full of sh*t.

      Sounds like a billing issue with Orange more than anything.
      Apple replaced the handset, hinting that it was indeed faulty. So who knows?

        It may have been faulty in some way, but it would've had to be demonically possessed to be downloading data whilst switched off.

          How could you tell if its really switched off? Theres no access to the battery to unplug it, it could be just a black screen but it might still be running.

          Modern mobile phones are never "Off" unless you take the battery out. It is pretty damn unlikely that a fault kept downloading data with the phone switched off, but there are millions and millions of iphones out there. Anything's possible once.

      meThinks this was taken out of context.
      this happened to a staff member at work. We turned off 3g, and it was still downloading data, though her bill only amounted to $600...
      i didn't want to get my hands dirty with it, but just assumed that the 3g never actually turned off, and that it was stuck in a loop of some kind.

        There's a difference between turning off 3G and turning off Mobile Data.

    I should tell my house mate about this.

    He was having trouble with his phone using lots of data, so he switched off the data connection for a couple of days. Somehow his phone still was using 100MB's will it had no data connection... so it might be legit?

    His phone was cloned and some nefarious dude was downloading data on the cloned phone?

    What data was he downloading, even while the phone was off, to even each that amount?

    I can see this happening, i dont see why everyone is saying its bullshit. Just cause a button says something off doesnt mean it is. You just never know...

    Would be interesting to get a hold of his logs on his phone to see whats gone wrong.

    I have never had a phone do this while "switched off", I did however have my phone download about 3.6gb of data in the hours between midnight and 9 in the morning on a single day while i was asleep once. Never did find the cause of it, as all my automatic systems like updates are turned off, so even if the phone did drop off my wifi, there should have been nothing downloading.

    Needless to say, i have celluar data turned off whenever i am not using the phone now.

    Surely maxing out your data allowance means you get a warning of some kind these days?
    They do charge you if you go over the limit, but $15.000 seems excessive yes.

    Btw Orange sucks balls in Europe. Where Vodafone surprisingly does not 0__0.
    My brother in the Netherlands used to be with Orange. They charge you through the nose.

    Tumbler is a big culprit in chewing through your data, even when not in use. It refreshes all pics in the background, unless you quit it. In one day it went through 100mb of data without even knowing.

    The turned off bit is odd, otherwise possible I guess - it seems to me apple software update magically downloads in the background, as I discovered on upgrading to IOS6 - it happened in minutes, and clearly the download was already done. Itunes can also do some odd things if things part download and the network switches and the download fails - I have seen large downloads "start again" mulltiple times. The apple podcast app (now deleted from my phone) is a right pain in the excessive 3G data department - even asking it not to use 3G data does not work if you have wifi that "blips off" during a download or if playing a sequence of casts where some are not downloaded yet. I came with in a few megs of my limit for the first time this month after IOS6 upgrade - there are clearly some issues.

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