FAA Wants Pilots To Stop Playing With Gadgets In The Cockpit

The Federal Aviation Administration in the US wants to put a rule on the books that would prohibit pilots from playing with personal electronics in the cockpit. Wait, that wasn't a rule already? Apparently not.

USA Today reports that the 19-page proposal that will published in the Federal Register today. If approved, the the rule will prohibit the use of any gadgets that aren't pertinent to the task of flying an aeroplane while pilots are, er, flying aeroplanes. That way, their brains will be free to worry about the weather, the plane's trajectory, and, you know, all of the lives and thousands of kilograms of tin in their care.

Currently, pilots are only prohibited from using electronic toys when planes are in the process of taking off and landing. Laptops, iPads and the like — which are being used for legitimate reasons — will still be permitted. Makes sense to us! [USA Today]

Picture: StudioSmart/Shutterstock

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