FAA Orders All 787 Dreamliners To Be Grounded

Remember when we were hailing Boeing's 787 Dreamliner as the future of flight? Yeah...maybe we did that a little too hastily. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued an order to airlines forcing them to ground all 787 Dreamliners due to a risk of fire.

According to Reuters, the FAA alerted airlines in the US and around the world to a lithium battery issue within the 787 Dreamliners that could spark fire on-board.

The FAA has already announced a comprehensive review into the 787 Dreamliner, adding today that the lithium battery problem will be looked into as part of the investigation.

The issue with the batteries could cause damage to major internal systems before potentially sparking a fire.

Jetstar is the only Australian airline with an order for a 787 Dreamliner currently on the books. We have reached out to Jetstar for comment on whether or not it will keep its order in light of the new issues, but we haven't heard back yet.

The first commercial 787 flight to Australia was meant to take place next month with the arrival of a Qatar Airways' flight from Doha to Perth. There are rumours now, however, that this might not actually take place.

Worse still, two Japanese airlines grounded their 787 fleets yesterday following an emergency landing. [Reuters]


    I've just been invited to a big party at Airbus.... coincidence?

      Maybe the party is to celebrate fixing all the A380 problems?


      Must resist temptation to feed troll... failed.

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      please take your medication before posting.

      I guess none of you guys have ever read an F22/F35 article on here..

        I guess you don't know the difference between defence and commercial projects...

        Still not seeing the connection between a commercial airliner manufactured by Boeing, and a pair of fighters manufactured by Lockheed Martin (the Raptor's wings are made by Boeing, I'll concede).

          Hey ebaaan, sparhawk0! Welcome to the Internet- you must be new here. Believe it or not, there actually isn't any connection at all.. I was just poking fun! HAH! Kids these days!

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