Exclusive: Kogan To Unveil Cut-Price Android Smartphone At CES

There's a lot to see here at CES 2013, but an unexpected player seems to be making an entrance. Kogan will fly into Vegas this week and the rumour is that he'll be bringing with him a brand new, cut-price handset with a screen size similar to a Galaxy Note. Check out these exclusive photos.

Details are still sketchy about the so-called Kogan Agora, but from the images we've been leaked it looks like it will have dual-SIM capabilities, expandable memory, a whopping 2000mAh battery and a finish similar to that of the Kogan Agora 10-inch tablet.

The best part? We're hearing that the Agora phone is only going to cost $149. Depending on the feature set, this could be one of the best deals we've seen on a smartphone since the Nexus 4.

Readers with long memories will remember that Kogan actually planned to launch an Agora-branded Android phone way back in 2009, but pulled out at the last minute. Given Kogan's more recent push into offering prepaid SIMs, it's not surprising that a phone is back on the agenda.

Kogan is holding an event on Thursday (Australian time), and we'll bring you all the information from the launch.



    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it will be a piece of crap?
    Can anybody have an educated guess as to some specs?
    Snapdragon CPU? I'd imagine it would have limited space with microSD expansion?

    Let the rumour mill run riot!

      it will be a piece of crap compared to high end smart phones, I guess the question will be is it a good alternative for those who want a smart phone on a budget. I'm not expecting S3 performance for $150.

        hmmm after reading every elses experiences with Kogan Krap I may have to rescind my previous statement and say it will probably suck.

        Obviously it's not going to compete with ~$800 phones, but there are so many phones in the Sub $200 price bracket (From companies that have a long history in the smart phone market, and who can offer far better product support) I can't see how this can compete.
        Especially with Kogan's notorious range of home grown products.

        You've got to start somewhere though I suppose.

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      Hey, it appear to have microSD expansion at least!!

      I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict it will have a 1.5Ghz+ dual core CPU or a slight chance of having a budget quad core, which will give it some alright grounds to compete.

    Kinda looks like a Galaxy S II. Similar back texture, home button and camera placement.

      Your wrong, looks like an iPhone... Apple is already typing up their legal letters to Kogan

      Yeah ... it does look eerily similar doesnt it ...

      Actually, it looks EXACTLY like a Galaxy Note OG.

      Same camera and flash placement (EXACTLY), exactly the same back texture, same home button layout, hell, even the same spot for the speaker.

    He seems to have a history of pulling much hyped product at the last minute.

    I bought the kogan tablet, it was rubbish and died in a little over a week, tried to fix it with limited success but then the hardware failed.

    my moms bought one too, and hers sits on the side table under a whole mess of junk.

    we both ended up getting a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1, because it was cheap and awesome, and not cheap and cheap.

    kogan is really only good at doing deals on other more reputable manufacturers equipment.

    It is dual sim and they have a habbit of being underpowered with a sad screen. Wait and see.

    Nice paper weight! Asia has been pumping out rip off smart phones with duel sims for the past 5 years

      I remember a year or so ago a dude was selling dual sim knock off Iphones out of a crate in the carpark of my local servo for $40 a pop.

    Come to CES to see the Big players release their new gadgets from Samsung, Asus, LG, Nvidia and Kogan???? Woohoo Australian brand at CES and its Kogan, yep.

    Here is a better image of the phone: http://jingxuan.en.made-in-china.com/product/OMeEpZudLXrY/China-5-Inch-Android-4-0-Dual-SIM-Mobile-Phone-Cell-Phone.html you can also clearly see the strap holder on the back panel and there is a complete specs list ... your welcome :)

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      Looks like Kogan has upgraded the battery .. will have to wait to see the full specs list from Kogan

      Not quite the same. In the artical you can see its a 2000mah battery and the volume rocker in on the left of the phone, yet in the link you posted it 1500 bat and looks like the power button on the left

        I think it's pretty close - nice pick up on the power buttom/ volume rocker.

    It will be a terrible piece of crap. I bought a digital photo frame from Kogan about 5 years ago, half price at about $75. Worst decision ever. Difficult to use, it doesnt link to the website to download new pictures you've uploaded to it unless youre using WEP on your modem/router (WTF?). The only reason why its survived so long is because I have probably used it 3 times since I bought it. Never buying Kogan branded stuff again.

    I wish people would stop using the word "whopping" for 2000mAh batteries, especially when those batteries are meant to power a phone with a screen the size of a Galaxy Note. Let's reserve "whopping" for the battery in a Droid Razr Maxx

    "best deals we've seen on a smartphone since the Nexus 4"?? I'm sure there are plenty of cheap and nasty Android phones in the market - please don't compare these to the Nexus 4

    I got the Kogan tablet. Pretty much struggles to browse the Internet. Or... do anything, really. Lucky I really only bought it to read comics, and that's only a slight struggle.

    I'd imagine this phone would be just as under-powered. But hey, for the kids who want to say they've got a smart phone, they can pick up a crap phone and an OK pre-paid deal for about $200. Happy birthday/Christmas kids.

    Im, still going to look at it put it through its paces

    Why can't Kogan spend more time in research and bring out something people actually want heard huawei ascend 2 is actually a nice phone. This I think is a rebranded double happiness or solid pagoda.

    Good on him for trying. So far, he is punching well above his weight.

      Yeah he clearly needs to lay off the fried foods.

    Yeah, good luck getting it delivered in one piece. Their packaging is atrocious and delivery service, pathetic. If you even attempt to complain, you get treated like you don't exist. Once Kogan has your cash, they don't give a shit what happens after. For me, I will never, ever, ever use Kogan again. Not worth the effort for second rate garbage.

    Hmmm...I see a lot of this Kogan bashing in comments these days, and I'm the first to jump on the bandwagon if I get ripped off, but I've bought a few different things from them and never had any trouble. This morning my new Kogan Mobile activation took effect and I am blown away by the speed of their (Telstra) connection, compared to my previous Virgin (Optus) connection - this is in Perth. If that speed is consistent and doesn't see huge dips in service once a few more people are on it, then there's no other plans that come close to the value in Australia at the moment.

      Kogan can certainly do good deals on goods and services provided by others. Their non-Kogan branded products are priced very competitively. The question is whether Kogan branded products are any good, and I think here the answer is an unequivocal "no". Their customer service is also not the best, though on this experiences differ.

        Yes, I can tell from the general public opinion that I've been somewhat lucky in my dealings with them. I have to say that even my customer service interactions have been good (and this is my final word - I don't have any particular interest in blowing smoke up their bottoms, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due etc). When the Canon 5D3 came out at the start of last year, I took a guess at what Mr Kogan's email address would be (it wasn't difficult) and mailed him directly to ask when they would be stocking it and at what price. Thus ensued quite a conversation about it, and the following week he himself mailed me to let me know they now had it in stock. I realise that not all his employees may share the owner's motivation for good customer service, but take it for what it's worth.

    I did forget to point out that I am on Kogan Mobile and I have no problems from activations to usage and the network was fast! Using Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8
    I was also given a nice number with doubles and doubles number.

      I was getting 7Mbps with my Kogan sim, defiantly not a crappy budget service given it has full access to the Telstra 3G network.

    Building an android phone needs some knowledge, but it's not as much work as you'd think. At least on the electronic/software level. You can buy a dev kit with specs matching the high end phones, you just need to find the right manufacturers of things like displays camera CCD and lenses, RAM, radios etc etc. It'll all come down to build quality, whatever modifications they do to the software and how well they write and implement hardware drivers.

    I too ordered a Kogan prepaid SIM before Christmas, it arrived within 3 working days which I was quite happy about - the whole activation and registration was very easy and the service is on par with my post mobile contract! If the speeds of the Kogan service don't decline, I don't see why I should pay $60+ a month for a service that is on par! +1 Kogan Mobile!

    I guess we could just go to Kogans website and check the specs for ourselves...
    specs look OK for the price, but time will tell...

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