Every Apple.com Homepage From The Last 15 Years

I was looking at screenshots of Apple.com's former homepages (using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine) and decided to compile them into a slideshow. With the exception of Apple's homepage in 1997, it's pretty remarkable how little the core design has changed.

After 15 years, the layout of Apple.com is still the same: prominently feature the latest product, with three or four little boxes below that highlight other recent products and company news. The homepage has become more evident and intuitive each year. Bigger pictures, less copy, bolder text, fewer items to click… It's like a giant billboard. Apple stuck with a format that worked and continually refined it. (The two biggest changes: the navigation bar was moved to the top in 2000, then the entire site got a facelift with the introduction of Leopard in 2007.)

It goes without saying that Apple's strength is design, but its home page deserves credit for being great for so long. Ever since its early days, Apple.com has moved in the direction of being more friendly, focused, simple and beautiful.

Charlie Hoehn has worked with more than a dozen best-selling authors, helping them market (and sometimes write/edit) their books. Nowadays, he's pursuing his own projects.

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