Emergency Torch Automatically Turns On When There's An Earthquake

When a natural disaster strikes in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is waste time stumbling around in the dark looking for a torch. So a company in Japan, where recent disasters have left the country on high alert, has developed an LED torch that automatically lights up when an earthquake hits.

The Gura-pika torch can be charged via a USB port, a conventional outlet or a built-in hand crank, providing 14 hours of continuous illumination on a full battery. And it's also got a built-in radio tuned to emergency broadcasts and alerts which is how the torch knows when to automatically turn on.

If for some reason the tremors shaking your home don't wake you, a loud audible alarm will certainly rouse you from your slumber. And to ensure an emergency broadcast is never missed, while the speakers and LEDs on the Gura-pika can be switched off, the radio is always on, constantly listening for alerts. [WebR25 via DamnGeeky]

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