Does Apple Have A Fancier iPad 4 Up Its Sleeve?

Does Apple Have A Fancier iPad 4 Up Its Sleeve?

Scraps of evidence are appearing across the internet that point towards Apple maybe, possibly, perhaps readying an update for the iPad.

9to5mac has reported that devs are finding code in the soon-to-be-released iOS 6.1 that point towards a new device featuring 128GB of storage. Adding some fuel to that fire is a new set of SKUs, leaked by a “high-profile US retailer”, which points to a new “ultimate” version of the iPad:

In the past, Apple has referred to its storage options as “Good”, “Better” and “Best”, so the use of the “Ultimate” signifier could suggest a premium iPad is waiting in the wings — potentially offering up that rumoured 128GB of storage.

It’s possible then that Apple is adding an extra model to its existing iPad range — perhaps for special customers or internal use, given its large capacity, which is expensive and doesn’t fit with the growing trend of migrating to the cloud. Another possibility is that Apple is giving its whole iPad range a light spruce up within the next few months — though that seems rather less likely.

The final option, of course, is that it’s all speculation that amounts to nothing. We’ll have to hold on and see. [9to5mac]

Update: 9to5Mac has tacked on pricing to its initial report; if the report holds up, you could be looking at $US800 for the Wi-Fi model and $US929 for 4G on board. This makes sense, given Apple’s pricing structure, but that is also a lot of money for a tablet.