Dining Alone Is Less Depressing With This Smartphone Dock Bowl

Embraced by cash-strapped students and young professionals struggling to scratch a living out of this cruel world, ramen noodles have gotten a bad rap as being a depressing last resort option for a cheap and lonely meal. But that reputation could easily be undone with this brilliant Anti-loneliness bowl that makes it easy to surf or have a FaceTime conversation while you enjoy your noodles.

Designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie of MisoSoupDesign, the bowl also doubles as a passive amplifier for your phone's speaker when it's empty, making it possibly one of the most useful smartphone accessories ever devised. You'll of course want to strongly consider a screen protector if you vigorously slurp your noodles, but hold off until we get the official word on whether or not the Anti-loneliness bowl is actually going into production. [MisoSoupDesign (Facebook) via DramaFever]


    I'd rather not splash the soup on the phone.

    Noodle soup, I love you, but I'm a seriously messy basturd when you're heading towards my mouth.

    Imagine the perspective on that when you are leaning in for a mouthful. I doubt many people would want to face-time with you after that.

    I'm not so sure if this is gonna inspire some future great products but from the bare look it's no more than another piece of typical Japanese over-invented junk.

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