Developers Wanted To Help Make Nike+ And NikeFuel Suck Less

Last month, Nike announced that it would be launching its own accelerator to make Nike+ and NikeFuel a little more accurate and a lot less crappy. Today, Nike announced that its Nike+ API is now open allowing devs access to their "own profile and activity data, including NikeFuel, running pace and distance, running routes, records, streaks and more".

The program, which starts in March near Nike's HQ in Oregon, will mentor 10 companies over the course of three months with the hopes of inspiring "athletes across a broad range of activity and health interests, including training, coaching, gaming, data visualisation and quantified self". Hopefully, a few of those startups are able to push each respective platform forward at the same time. Or, at the very least, make some sense of what NikeFuel is actually doing.

Applications for the accelerator are being accepted through February 3. [Nike]

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