Denon's Newest Headphones: More Bass For Your Buck

Denon is avoiding all the CES madness by revealing a whole bevy of new headphones today for two of its most popular lines. And they're all significantly cheaper than the models announced last year by at least $US100.

First up is Urban Raver, which is supposed to be Denon's bass-friendly brand. So if you're into electronic these headphones are up your alley. More money for all those EDM concerts, I guess. The two on-ear versions — the AH-D320RD and AH-D320BU — are $US200 and the in-ears — AH-C100RD and AH-C100BU — are $US100 a pop. The cans have 40mm drivers and an adjustable headband. The in-ears have 11mm driver diaphragms and a mic.

Then there's the Music Maniac AH-D340 ($US300), a pair of on-ear cans tuned to a flat EQ. This pair has 40mm drivers, a metre-long cable, a remote for your iOS device and pentagonal-shaped memory foam pads that are supposed to be super comfy. This line is also getting the AH-C250 earbuds ($US250), which are 95 per cent tuned and are said to give you in-studio listening quality. Each version comes with a snazzy black carrying case.

All of these headphones — cheaper versions of cans you may already be familiar with — will go on sale January 15 through Denon's website. You can expect Australian retailers to pick them up in the weeks ahead. Good thing your grandma sent you cash this Christmas.

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