Deko: These iPhone Wallpapers Didn't Come From A Gallery

A photo of your dog? A generic picture of a sunset? Get the hell out of here. The wallpaper of your iOS device can be much more beautiful, and the reason is a wonderful little app called Deko.

What does it do?

Creates lovely, abstract designs for your wallpaper with a simple swipe of your finger. Don't like what you see on screen? Keep swiping and it might get better.

Why do we like it?

Obviously you're no Mondrian or Rothko, but you can create iPhone-sized or iPad-sized works of art to splash on your screen. Deko gives you a design, and you can change it up ever so slightly or get a completely new one, based on how far you drag your finger. It's addictive too. You just want to keep swiping to see if what comes next is cooler than what you had last. It's OK though. You can quit anytime you want.


Download this app for: iOS (free) The best part: artful designs The worst part: addictive

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