Cobra Atom Radar Detector: Speeding Ticket Protection Made Even Better

Cobra's iRadar has been one of the cooler things you can do with an iPhone for a while. It detects radar gun use from up to several kilometres away, and it syncs the data with data from other users. Now it's tinier and twice as effective.

The Atom is $US200, compared to the $US129 of the non-iPhone-connected version, and doubles the effectiveness of the radar detection in iRadar. Practically, that means going from about 11kmto 16km-17km in the middle of nowhere and up to about 800m to 1.6km in city conditions.

When the Atom comes out in May, it will also be available in a new under-hood model for use by people who either don't want the stigma of using radar detectors (they're actually illegal in all Australian states except for WA) or for people who just don't want it sitting on their dashboards.



    Speeding Ticket Protection Made Even Better
    Yeah it's called the right foot.

      ... and the brain.

        Ironic you use the word brain...because its a key part of the term "brain washed"
        which you obviously are
        I for one support any company that allows me to cruise down the highway at speeds of around 120-130kmh without fear of reprisal and financial punishment from the local constabulary

          Please tell me you are joking.

            Does it sound like I am joking? Statistics have shown a reduction in fatalities on highways where 130km/h limits are introduced. It forces drivers to be more alert and aware than at the typical 100km/h snoozefest

            Its our government and the police force that brainwash people into thinking they are saving a life every time they issue a fine for 120 in a 100 zone

            The nanny stateism in this country is at an all time high and doesnt look like it will be slowing in momentum anytime soon

              I agree, if you car doesn't cruise at 130 comfortably on the highway its time for a new car, It would also mean you spent less time on the road so less chance of falling to fatigue. The only downside is if you do have an accident its going to be worse.

              Bullshit. Prove it. Link your so-called "statistics" compiled by a reliable agency under proper conditions.

              I am so sick of people on this site quoting non-existent studies and statistics trying to prove ridiculous assertions.

              "Statistics have shown a reduction in fatalities on highways where 130km/h limits are introduced" So that give you the right to break the law and put lives at stake, just because 'statistics' said so? You are an idiot and should be taken off the road.

                Only a politician themselves could write something so moronic.

            Cruising at 130k I feel alert and wired. Cruising at 100- 110 I could fall asleep.
            Not everyone is an accident waiting to happen at an ants dick over the posted limits.
            We need driver training as mandatory, not the current system of fines and demirits and ridiculously long P plate periods.
            These things help no one.

              I agree that there should be some sort of driver training you need to go through not just sitting with someone who got their license just by turning up 30 years ago.

              The limits on safe roads such as freeways should be raised to 120-130 like they are in the UK or Europe.

            Hopefully less so than your sheep like comment would imply. It's the sheep like you that the laws were designed to appeal to.

    I feel a bit let down that Gizmodo would even report this. It's like you are encouraging people to break the law.

      Oh no, won't somebody please think of the children???

      They state it is illegal.
      You would prefere to be more ignorant and them not report it?
      It's okay I'd prefere you to go to another website.

    Who taught you to drive? If you want to make sure your brakes are going to stay working you might want to use the right foot for them. Left foot is only for the clutch... and if you drift learn to heel-toe.

    Here I was thinking I was replying to red-candle...

    As the article states, these are highly illegal in Australia, and even the "under-hood" model will get you into a lot of strife.
    I was under the impression most police cars in the eastern states have RDDs these days, so it doesn't matter where you store it.

    Although technically correct, you'd receive a fine for a radar detector rather than speeding :p

      A Radar Detector wouldn't need to output any wireless signal to work would it?? So have would the police be able to detect it?

        I'm not sure about the engineering behind it but a radar detector can itself be detected.
        Here - I used google for you.
        There is a very brief summary. I'm sure you can find more info

          Yeah i was already on Giz at work. I didn't really want to start researching illegal items too. Cheers for the info

      RDD? Radar detector detector? Awesome :D

        so, I need to buy a RADAR detector detector detector (Rd3) ?
        this is getting complicated

        all this in order to exercise my god-given right to break the law without consequences ;-)
        I guess it'll go just dandy with my red-light windscreen tinting - hell, if I can avoid seing 'em, they don't apply to me, right?

        I worked in a mobile phone shop when I was 18 and the owner sold radar detectors on the side for cash, his model had radar detector detector detection and counter measures so not to show up on the the police RDD, not sure how it worked exactly, except that it was confusing to explain to people.

    So I have to drift to left foot brake/trail brake?

    It always amazes me the amount of gadgets that come out to allow people to speed and "get away with it" Where I work I see the end result of wanting to go a little faster and not getting caught, but ending up wrapped around a tree or worse. I mark this up as DoucheTEch.

      You can do this at 100km? What's the difference? Who sets a limit in the first place?


        It's obvious the speed limits were inscribed on Moses' tablet.

        @ Jones, please pray tell why these gadgets are legal in the US if it's so bad and used to be legal in Australia until they realised the revenue they would lose. Still leagal in WA, so I guess they are pyschos?

    P O L I C E presence is always better than sneaky radar or cameras.
    I've had my share of tickets and i believe there should be more police on the roads.
    It's the speed 'revenue' cameras that are just plain taking us for idiots. What speed camera save a life? Xmas had the highest road toll for years. How does a 'life saving' speed camera ticket save a life when it turns up in the letter box 2 weeks later? We all just slow down for a camera and speed up again anyway. Looking at our speedos more than the road!! Education, defensive driving courses etc anything is better than the current system.

    Last edited 09/01/13 10:58 am

      I actually agree with this, the fixed cameras annoy me because they're not designed to catch the habitual speeders who just slow down then speed right back up. I imagine they would catch more people who were just caught off guard.

      However I have seen them used very well in NSW where there are speed camera warning signs posted and the camera itself is on a sharp / dangerous corner, so forcing people to slow down for the corner is worthwhile.

    Who needs a radar detector? I have seen radar deployed exactly once in the last 12 months, not counting the Hume freeway where I know the three places they set them up between here and Canberra. If you get caught it is because you are not paying attention and if you're not paying attention you should not be speeding. It's really that simple.

      Every Highway patrol car has radar built into the car.
      It's the little box hanging over the driver's door.

        Well, I can't tell you the last time I saw a Highway Patrol car, so I'm still not worried. Seriously, compared to 30 years ago teh police presence on our roads is as good as zero.

    I never drive any faster than I can see.

    Meh, I don't speed on purpose but it's nice to know when there is RADAR around.

    Only solves half the problem anyway with LIDAR being common now.

      What is LIDAR

        LIDAR is the term used for the Government lies about the "speed kills" BS to support their propaganda to placate the sheep.

        Light Detection And Ranging. It's basically a similar concept to RADAR, except instead of radio waves it uses laser light. Unlike RADAR guns, unless you coat the entire surface of your car with detectors, there's no way to tell if a LIDAR gun is being used on your vehicle.

          Having high beam on, reduces their range of effectiveness dramatically.

            On older generation LIDAR that's true because of the infrared interference, but anything in the last 5 years has much better laser technology that can filter that out for the most part. Not to mention, LIDAR works from behind, not just in front.

    Not speeding is the best option.

    Speed cameras will be made redundant, booklets for speeding ticket will be reduced into useless notepads, save money on radar detectors, better focus and awareness on the road, no more fear/frustration about getting fined by the police and getting caught in their speed cameras.

    It is also the best way to fight back and stay alive for your loved ones.

      baa baa

      I think nothavingabrainisworse

    I espesially don't understand people speeding to work in the morning. Every day I see people busting them selves to get past the car in front a gap and they're off at a gazillion miles an hour. All I can think is they love their work so much

    I've returned to Australia after being away for 5 yrs and have noticed that the authorities have become extremely greedy regarding speeding fines; Victoria alone rakes in almost 500 million per year. That kind of revenue DOES influence government policy.
    One thing we all agree on is that we should drive carefully, but it seems that these days nearly every driver has been fined . So it seems that the general public and the authorities have different ideas about what is careful driving. It's natural to vary your speed according to road conditions and this is what the average driver is being fined for; most tickets are issued for only exceeding the limit by 10km/hr. I was recently fined for doing 78km/hr in a 70 zone. It is this kind of thing which is creating so much anger in the community.
    Fines should only be issued for driving that really is dangerous and in a democratic country it should be the people who decide what that is.

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