Cleverbug: Send Birthday Cards Via Post From Your iPhone

Are you the forgetful type? Always forget birthdays? Never have any stamps? Don't like Apple's Cards app? Cleverbug will remind everyone how thoughtful you are.

What does it do?

Lets you send cards to your friends for any occasion. It connects with Facebook, so you don't have to know their birthdays, and it chooses pictures pictures where you're both tagged so you don't have to search through a bunch of forgotten folders.

Why do we like it?

Unlike Apple's Cards app, Cleverbug offers templates for a variety of occasions. Plus, you have to actually know a person's birthday, and if you want to customise the card with a picture, it has to be saved on your camera roll. Cleverbug has a whole newsagency's worth of customisable cards, for Valentine's Day and big birthdays (21, 30, 50 and so on), and for specific people like your sister or your grandma. You just have to pay postage. So go ahead and skip Duane Reade, and definitely save yourself the pain of a post office waiting line, and send old-fashioned well wishes from your phone.


Download this app for: iPhone, $US3 per card The best part: connects with Facebook The worst part: kind of cheesy

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