Clever Light Fixture Brings Hanging Gardens To Your Home

Clever Light Fixture Brings Hanging Gardens To Your Home

It’s safe to say that the future will be here any day now, specifically the future from Back to the Future Part II. We’re still working on our hoverboard and levitating DeLorean technologies. Now, Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor has developed the forerunner of the Garden centre fruit dispenser.

As Taylor explains,

The Babylon Light is a plantable light fixture. Made of aluminium with a powder coated finish, it can be used as an organic centre piece or a working herb garden over the kitchen counter. No matter where it’s situated — Babylon will become your very own hanging garden

Today, it’s hanging herb gardens; tomorrow, it’s hanging vegetable gardens; and the day after that, it will be “Fruit Please.”

Granted, the kitchen housing this concept fixture will need to be either West or South-facing to provide sufficient ambient sunlight for the plants, and the unit itself would need to employ cool-burning LED bulbs to prevent the fixture itself from overheating the soil in its rim, but it’s still an awesome design.

[ONI Projects via Contemporist]