Classic Artek Stool Gets 80th Birthday Reissue

The late Alvar Aalto was a Finnish designer of housewares, textiles, buildings and furniture. One of his most famous designs is the three-legged Stool 60, manufactured by Artek. A remixed version of it is being reissued to celebrate the stool's 80th birthday, and it features bright accent colours from a famous Artek building.

The Paimio Sanatorium is a tuberculosis clinic designed by Aalto and built in Paimio, Finland, in 1932. The stool's candy-coloured tops are inspired by the hues used in the building, where the walls were green, the floors turquoise and yellow, and the furniture was orange, black and white.

The Stool 60 is classic because it was the first of its kind — previous designs were made from metal. This version is built from birch. You can one of these examples of Finish design in your home too — they're for sale on Artek's website for around $US390.

Need an example of just how timeless this stool is? Minus some black lacquer, they're the same stackable seats you see in Apple Stores. And we all know how Steve Jobs felt about classic, minimalist design. [Artek via Dezeen]

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