Chainsaw Javelins Are The Most Ludicrously Awesome Slingshot Ammo Ever

Joerg Sprave specialises in absurd slingshots with absurd ammunition, but now he's reached what might be the pinnacle of abnormal ammo: chainsaw javelins. Where can you go from here?

Launched from a mammoth slingshot bazooka that must be nearly seven feet in length, each chainsaw round is complete with a stabilising metal rod on its back-end, allowing it to fly reasonably straight, if not very far.

Then again, we're talking about shooting chainsaws out of a slingshot cannon here, practicality isn't really the aim of the game. Still, the saws fly true enough to tear up archery targets like nobody's business and set a ridiculously high ridiculousness bar Sprave might be hard-pressed to raise. But I look forward to watching him try. [Slingshot Channel]

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