Central Australian Bushfires Are Still Visible From Space

The wildfires burning in New South Wales were caught on camera from the International Space Station earlier on this week, but now the bushfires are getting so bad that the ones in Central Australia can be seen from NASA's weather observation satellite.

The above image featuring Central Australia and Ayers Rock was captured by NASA this week. Here's how it snapped them:

The image is from the instrument’s “day-night band,” which sensed the fire in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The brightest fires are white; some lights from human settlements are also visible. The lower image, acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite, shows the same area during daylight hours.
The fire east of Alice Spring destroyed four buildings at Ross River Resort. One of the other closer to Ayer’s Rock forced authorities to evacuate Kings Canyon Resort in Wartarraka National Park.

Click here for a high-res image or check out the Tasmania fires which are also visible from space.


    Everything is "visible from space", you tool.
    You can see my HiAce parked in my driveway in Google Earth - why don't you have a headline about that?

      Google Earth is stitched together primarily from aerial photography (ie. pictures taken from an aeroplane) with satellite imagery only providing the "zoomed-out" view of Earth. Also, your HiAce is shit so no one wants to read about it or see photos of it on Gizmodo. You tool.

      Last edited 12/01/13 2:25 pm

        Erm... But you has still see if from space if you have a giant floating telescope...

          Toyotas can't be seen from space. It's just another mystery of our solar system.

    Alex_D... probably because you HiAce isn't very interesting :)

    Also, the image of your HiAce is most likely a High Resolution photo from a Plane, and not a Satellite. Satellite images in Google Earth/Maps/Bing/Etc are about .4m per pixel... Like the Geo-Eye Satellite.

    I think it's a great HiAce, and definately worth a headline story. Oh yeah, every story has a headline! Duh! I'm with Alex D's language logic comment, and literate, but thanks anyway for pointing out that aerial photography is taken from a plane. I thought they took it from TV aerials and have always wondered why they didn't perch on a rooftop sattelite - much more room!

    Is nobody else wondering what the hell is on fire there?
    Isn't it like, predominately sand there?
    I don't know, I don't care about the desert, lol.

      There are trees in the Central Australian desert too. Seventeen trees, to be precise. Well, there were...

        Sadly Australia is on fire, that's what the hell is burning. Inland I'm assuming would be more scrubfires, as opposed to real bush fires. Low lying very resistant dry plants, since the 17 trees have already burnt. Or maybe just big manly bbq's!

    no one's worried it will run out of scrub after those tree lol then its all sand

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