Casio's Convex System Lets You Stack Projectors And Unwarp Images

Aside from getting small enough to fit in your pocket and gaining enough resolution to melt your eyes, there hasn't been a lot of innovation in the projector market as of late. So thank you Casio for finally bringing something neat to that table with the company's new Convex control System.

A fairly non-descript control box packed with display ports and a network connection allows users to precisely tweak the shape of a projected image. It sounds a little boring, but Casio has revealed a couple of applications that make the technology actually seem pretty slick. For starters, the Convex System lets users easily stack a pair of projectors, automatically aligning both images resulting in double the brightness. Perfect for venues where darkening a room isn't possible. Two models of this stacked system will be available sometime this month with pricing still to be announced: the XJ-SK650 which will provide up to 6500 lumens, and the XJ-SK600 which comes in at 6000 lumens

But where the Convex System really shines is when it's being used with just a single projector. It allows the image to be projected on curved or uneven surfaces, while perfectly correcting the distortion. Using an included remote the Convex System allows images to be tweaked, re-shaped, and unwarped using a grid of up to 81 points. And if that's not enough to correct the image for your situation, it's probably a good idea just to find a better place to set up your projector.


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