Can’t Buy a Nexus 4? Hack an LG Optimus G Into One Instead

A hack has been released that lets users turn an LG Optimus G into a perfect simulation of a Nexus 4, removing LG’s custom interface from the Optimus G and sticking it on the standard, untouched default Android code we see on Nexus devices.

The hack, put together by some very clever XDA forum users, completely converts an Optimus G to a Nexus 4, overwriting everything, changing the partitions and letting users install the official Nexus 4 ROMs in future. It’s a complete switch.

There’s one problem in doing this, though. The newly created Nexus 4 will only report 8GB of user storage space, meaning half the Optimus 8′s 16GB of memory will disappear. And it’s a bit of a dodgy hack, so the usual disclaimers about completely ruining your phone in the process apply. [XDA via Engadget]

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