Can’t Buy a Nexus 4? Hack an LG Optimus G Into One Instead

A hack has been released that lets users turn an LG Optimus G into a perfect simulation of a Nexus 4, removing LG’s custom interface from the Optimus G and sticking it on the standard, untouched default Android code we see on Nexus devices.

The hack, put together by some very clever XDA forum users, completely converts an Optimus G to a Nexus 4, overwriting everything, changing the partitions and letting users install the official Nexus 4 ROMs in future. It’s a complete switch.

There’s one problem in doing this, though. The newly created Nexus 4 will only report 8GB of user storage space, meaning half the Optimus 8′s 16GB of memory will disappear. And it’s a bit of a dodgy hack, so the usual disclaimers about completely ruining your phone in the process apply. [XDA via Engadget]



    I'm surprised this took so long. I'll get one of those G Pros.

    And then there's that tiny little issue of an Optimus G costing nearly double a Nexus 4

      Because Google's taking a bath on those Nexus 4 sales

    So, ignoring the price difference, where do I get an Optimus G?
    What's that, it hasn't been released here yet?
    And the only International version compatible with our networks is the Korean version?
    And that's incredibly hard to find?
    Think I'll just wait for the Nexus to come back!

    Rohan32 is an awesome dev, I use the Roms he bakes for the One XL.

    I'm boycotting the Nexus 4, if they can't organise enough stock than I definitely couldn't be assed sticking around waiting.

    Is the Optimus G LTE compatible? Is it still LTE compatible after the new ROM? I thought one of the main issues with the Nexus software is the proprietary LTE drivers?

      Yes it is.
      If it's anything like Samung Devices, the modem and Radio Interface layer (RIL) are separate pieces of software.
      Given that the device ships with ICS and the differences between ICS and JB are small, there's a good chance that these are still compatible with JB.

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