Canon PowerShot N Hands On: What A Cute Little Thing

We spent a short time with the new Canon PowerShot N and found that it's a little different to use because of the square body, but it's also fun at the same time. As a full-time camera, the cute gimmicky form factor is definitely limiting, but as a little secondary camera? Definitely a good time.

The camera feels chintzy (because of the flip-up screen), but it's light and easily pocketable. Taking a shot by pushing the lens down is fun, although trying to zoom by twisting the dial accidentally fired away. I'm sure with a few more tries you can easily get it down.

Running through the touchscreen isn't exactly Speedy Gonzalez fast, but it wasn't too frustrating. The battery died midway through our hands-on time with it, so we couldn't get a full handle on everything.

As cute as it looks, we still need a bit more convincing that the square camera accessory is worth the 300 bucks.

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