Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night At CES 2013

Facecake Is An Awesome Augmented Reality Shopping App Just because it looks good on a virtual you doesn't mean it will fit well on the real you. Fitting rooms ain't goin' nowhere.

The Universe Is Bubbling With Life Now we just need to find them. One will do for now.

Pebble Smart Watch Will Ship On January 23 I don't remember what this was... but I like the look of the white one.

Mars Colonists Wanted — Apply Here If you apply at the age of 18, and you qualify all the way to the end, you'll be on Mars by the time you're 28.

Liquid-Proofing Your Phone Is About To Get Way Easier How will it affect insurance policies? Maybe you won't need one now.

Baguette in a pan photo byShutterstock.

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