Boost Mobile's Unlimited Prepaid Offers On Telstra Are Actually Excellent

When Boost Mobile broke up with Optus last year, Telstra was there to pick up the pieces. Boost promised that it would be back in January to wholesale the Telstra network. Promise kept. Here's the unlimited prepaid offer from Boost Mobile, complete with Telstra Next G network access.

There are three tiers to Boost's new prepaid offering: a $10, $20 and $40 tier. Each tier gives you free, unlimited standard calls to national fixed numbers and national mobile phones as well as free, unlimited text messaging to boot. The only differences between the three offerings are the expiry times and the included data.

$10 gives you "up to 500MB" of included data and an expiry time of 5 days, making it a great option for short-time users and travelers. $20 gives you 1GB of included data and a 15-day expiry time, while the $40 tier lasts for 30 days and gives you 3GB of data. The $40 unlimited tier is the same that Boost was offering under Optus, only this time you're getting access to Telstra's Next G network. Happy days!

Here's all that information in a handy chart:

It's also worth noting that data is charged per MB here rather than in 10 MB blocks as it was when Boost was under Optus.

Pre-orders are open right now, and if you're one of the first to sign up you'll be sent a limited edition Golden SIM to show that you were one of the first to jump on the new and improved Boost Mobile. That SIM will come with $10 worth of bundled credit once you port your number over. You can sign up for that on Boost's website.

Boost Mobile officially relaunches on 1 March, so even if you do get your Golden SIM sent straight to your door, you'll be waiting to activate it.



    So this is on the proper Next G network, or the crippled one like Kogan?

      Boost site says 3G, not Next G, so I'm guessing the same as Kogan.

        Incorrect as per their FAQ its the full next G network (99.3% coverage) unlike Kogan. But no 4G access.

        Last edited 22/01/13 1:28 pm

    "the $40 tier lasts for 30 days and gives you 4GB of data" The picture below this says 3GB of data for $40.

    Still a good deal. Any news on 4G coverage? I'm about to get a Galaxy S3 4G :(

      $40 is expensive for a prepaid service, especially if you can spend a tiny little bit extra for a post paid service which would give you more, no?

        ok didn't realise this is the equivalent of Telstra's $100 plan PLUS phone payment on top....
        WTF?! are they stupid?

      No its actully 3Gigs of data

    The Kogan deal almost had be sold, but not being on NextG scared me off a little. There is no doubt I'll be jumping ship from vodafone for this now.

      your 4G only works in CBD centers not Australia wide that's 3G also $40 is great ,i live 900 km away from a city and i have coverage in remote areas,and for the other providers the only reason you think its cheap is that their subsidized by telstra at 30 percent.

    Sounds good. But I want to know if it will be the full Telstra network with 4G and not a crippled version.

      It says 3G.

      I want to know if its full Telstra Next G or the crippled one like Kogan.

        It's definitely not 4G. Telstra's too proud of it to let that out to anyone else just yet. The only reason it's wholesaling Next G is because it has a network that's one better already.

        Boost's website says that you'll need an 850MHz handset to get access to the Telstra network it's wholesaling. That means you'll be getting Next G. Whether or not it's the cut-down version of Next G currently on offer from Kogan, we don't know. We'll have to wait til March to find out.

          It's worth noting that Telstra refer to their wholesaled network as "3G" (UMTS), and specifically not their "NextG" (HSDPA) network. There's a big difference in data speeds at the very least.

          I recommend you make that clearer in the article.

            Edit: Scrap that, what I've been reading its the full NextG network. Not the same as Kogan's deal with Telstra.

            Last edited 22/01/13 12:20 pm

      It's on the full NextG network, no access to 4G. As per my comment above I want to know if it's ever going to get 4G access. I doubt it.

        Where did you find the info that it's full access NextG, rather than a restricted version? Thanks

          In the FAQ it states you have the same 3g access as Telstra but no 4g. 99.3% is the full Next G network. Kogan is only 97% or 98.5% including 2G...

          Q: What will my coverage on the 3GTelstra Mobile Network be like?
          A: Awesome! You will have access to the 3G Telstra Mobile Network which provides coverage for over 99.3 per cent of the Australian population.

          Q: Do Boost Mobile customers get the same 3G signal as Telstra 3G customers?
          A: Yes, all Boost Mobile customers on the 3G Telstra Mobile Network will have access to the same network.However, Boost Mobile customers will not have access to the Telstra 4G network. Also, to ensure that you get the most out of your service, it is important your handset is compatible with 850MHz.

            Thanks Stirlo. So whilst Kogan customers are limited to 7.2 Mbps, what will be the theoretical limit of Boost customers? The FAQ indicates that Boost customers get access to the 'same network' as Telstra 3G customers, but that statement is somewhat ambiguous and could be just mean they get the same geographical coverage, rather than data throughput.

            No doubt Telstra will give priority service to those with Telstra branded services over Boost branded ones.

    So considering I have an iPhone 4S and am just off plan I am being severely ripped off paying telstra $130 a month for my "unlimited" business mobile plan that includes 3gb data... Why would anybody go post pay (unless they wanted 4G)... Is 4G worth paying an extra $90 per month?

      From the sounds of it, you can get a $50 prepaid recharge with Telstra, then use the $50 credit (that is different to the calls credit) get a $49 data pack. Which imo is bloody awesome as you get 2GB of data with the $50 recharge as well. But I'm yet to see how that all works. I'll ask Telstra at the start of march as thats when my Tesltra plan runs out.

      Edit: The point of the above was to get 4G and lots of data for $50.

      Last edited 22/01/13 2:03 pm

    This is lousy value compared to Kogan given both sell the same apple.

    Apparently I'm no longer with Boost and have been automatically ported to Optus. I think I'll be changing back to Boost as soon as this is available.

    Does the Golden SIM get me a visit to the Boost factory?

    I am on the Woolworths optus sim for $29 - 45 days with 5GB and $250 calls (plus $250 optus calls). That is a pretty good deal if you ask me!

    "Included data is charged in per MB increments and will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each data session."

    Isn't this the same shit that Vodafone just got slammed for? I was excited until I saw that. Between games, public transport timetables, Facebook, maps, web, email, automated updates and god knows what else, I could easily be burning through an extra GB worth of data a month because of this...

    [EDIT] There's a comment on the VF article from a customer who burned through 5GB in one day thanks to this idiocy combined with a dodgy reception area. Nope nope nope nope nope.

    Last edited 22/01/13 2:07 pm

      What's the definition of a data session?

    Amaysim has a better deal for $40 with 4gb data. boost international rates are a ripoff? Who is Telstra trying to hoodwink?

      Amaysim is Optus, this is Telstra 3G full spectrum. Nuff said'.

    Its almost impossible to get 4G via a reseller, and to get it at good value on postpaid

    I got my boost sim the other day and put it in my galaxy 3 4g phone but I think aldimobile works better than boost mobile does to me it does

    I have just ported my number from the old boost/optus to the new boost/telstra and so far I am not impressed. The reason i decided to try it out was because I was getting that terrible underwater sound on most calls with boost/optus. So far i have had 3g dropping out all over the place when driving in Sydney and loss of signal altogether. The net speed is worse and is supposed to be unthrottled. I get 90 ms ping and 5mbps max which is worse than before. I am not impressed at all. Porting your number takes anything up to 48 hours, mine took 5 hours and you cant use phone or recharge until porting is complete. From all the reviews i wAs expecting fast net and better access but it has not happened yet? I was a boost fan before but not anymore. Im hoping things will improve but i doubt it. With all the restrictions boost has i think kogan or aldi would probably be better at the moment, at least they are truthful about restrictions. My wifes virgin net has nearly twice the net speed of my new boost/telstra :(

      To update. Net speed has been terrible and i live in a sydney suburb with good reception ( hunters hill) and aparently ive used 90 mb of net since yesterday and all i have done is do a couple of speedtests which varied from 90 - 260ms ping and 256k and 4 mbps, check for email a few times and browse a few sites. All up in reality i figure i have used less than ten mb and been docked 90mb. Boost/optus never ripped off my data like this and i wish i could revert. I will use up credit then throw the sim. Will try aldi and post back with results.

    Iv been on boost for a couple weeks now and its great!
    I was only getting 6-7mbs on Kogan until they kicked me off and now on Boost I'm getting anywhere from 15-20 mbs!!! Even better than the 13-14mbs speeds I was getting on Telstra next g because of the open bandwidth GET ON THIS DEAL!!!

    Hello all,

    I have read all the above and been all over the Boost site reading about if you get full access to Telstra 3G network, according to it states you do get same as A Telstra customer.

    I am currently on Amaysim Unlimited (Optus) but would love to go to Telstra 3G Network.

    Any updates from other people on their current experience with the $40- Unlimited service?

    I am in Pakenham VIC am hoping for better reception on a faster network.
    Look forward to hearing more feedback on Boost.

    Thank you,

    hello guys
    i just ported my number to boost got a prepaid sim from boost internet site which had 30 days credit offer. on activation it showed 30 days expiry, i added another $40 recharge but that recharge has not been appearing ?? Any body has similar problem pl help

    I am considering disconnecting my home phone, mobile and internet from Telstra and going on Boost pre-paid for half the price and twice the data I now have. I need genuine advice on whether this is a good move or not.

    After changing to aldi im now going back to boost. Aldi dropped there data without notice then dropped the unlimited part altogether now its 1 gb down from 5 and no umlimited calls. Dirt ffffn scmm. At least boost have been honest and not pulled that crp, aldi sux.

    I changed providers - to BOOST - who managed to take 12 days to transfer myold phone number over to my new phone, something that they repeatedly promised would take "between 24 - 48 hours". 3 live chats and 2 phone calls to supervisors, taking HOURS OF MY TIME, and 12 days later, I have finally managed to resolve the issue. My mobile number is once again operational. Boost service capability? Total fail.

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