BlackBerry Z10 Camera: The Worst Low-Light Performance We've Seen In A Long Time

For the old BlackBerry, a handset's camera was an ancillary feature. But the new hip BlackBerry is supposed to be tuned into how regular people — not just suits — use their phones. The BlackBerry Z10's camera has a chance to prove it's better than the rest. And if our initial low-light camera test is any indication, the camera is a complete failure.

When you're in a dark bar or out on the town at night making memories with your co-workers/friends/family you want your smartphone camera to take a nice photo without having to use flash. This is what low-light performance is all about. As we saw the last time we put a series of flagship phones together, handset shooters have come a long way.

To see if the BlackBerry Z10 could keep up with the pack, we tested its low-light performance against the Apple iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, and Samsung Galaxy S III. We put it to a pretty tough test, burying the above novelty statue in the deepest darkest corner of the office. We didn't use any flash, but if a camera came with built-in night or low-light setting we tried it out to see if it worked better than the automatic setting.

The Z10 didn't even hold the dimmest, most-pathetic light to the other cameras in our test. Look at that photo above on the left. It is an abject and miserable failure. Because this is a particularly difficult shooting setting, all of the photos have problems with noise, distortion, and detail, but we've haven't seen something so crummy as the Z10 in a long time. The Z10 even has a "night" setting that was completely useless. This is some four-years-ago crap.

We've still got some more testing to do with the cameras before we crown a winner — and before we write the Z10 off completely — but this initial test doesn't bode well.


Comments an iPhone 5 user it strikes me that maybe you're not holding the Z10 right. lol :P

    "Because this is a particularly difficult shooting setting, all of the photos have problems with noise, distortion, and detail...."
    Yes they do......but my real camera doesn't make phone calls or TXT, so I would expect this result.
    Phone camera performance ...... could care less it's a phone.

    The first priority is getting the OS right and application support, that is going to sell more phones than the camera working in low light. Having said that they should maybe look to improve in the next release of phones.

      Next release of phones..... If BB don't get it right this time, I don't think they will get another chance.

    *flex* Yup, I own a Lumia 920.


        I5 wannabes...

        Come back when ur back's out carrying that load....

          You probably just need to harden the f..k up and then you can join us I5 wannabes.

            rofl it's true!! Gettin a work 920 on Monday

            Bright side I can put one phone in each pocket, balance it out!

              Yeah lol it is a fair bit heavier than my iPhone 4 but I dunno, got used to it pretty quickly.

              At least if I go back to iOS someday it'll be like holding a feather in comparison.

                Do you even lift?

                  Bwahahaha kinda embarrassed to admit I've trained nearly twenty yrs and compete in powerlifting

                  I'm sure ill cope :p

                  Lukey bro the 5 is a freak in that its like a third lighter than either 4

                  Maybe I'll become a hunchback!!?

    I'm sure the people this is going to be popular amongst are going to need crystal clear snapshots from the local nightclub...

    Love my Lumia920 when it comes to taking photos :D
    Does such a good job for a phone :)

    That is a rather profound difference between the Lumia and the others.

    Wow, Kudos to the Lumia, thats amazing the quality.

    Lumia 920 so good it replaced my point and shoot. Even at night :)

    Last edited 31/01/13 5:40 pm

    The iPhone 5 shot is obviously with a very dark, very artistic filter

    Nokia, Android users just wouldn't understand.... :P

      Crap camera: there's an app for that.

    Cannot praise the Lumia 920's Camera enough... I actually am amazed after every photo I shoot.

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