Big Bird Will Teach Kids To Read With Qualcomm's Augmented Reality Tech

Were children just totally illiterate before Sesame Street? Because the creators of the children's show have great tools for teaching kids how to read — like an upcoming augmented reality app called Big Bird's Words.

Our yellow feathered friend's app is powered by a Qualcomm text recognition technology called Vuforia. It works like a game, challenges kids to find words in the real world scenarios, like grocery shopping. Say for example, Big Bird wants the kid to find milk. He or she would scamper into the kitchen, open the fridge and point the phone's camera over the word, and the app would recognise it and gold star, that's correct. Then onto the next one. And the little guy is learning to read while playing a game. Sneaky sneaky, Sesame Street. Big Bird's Words is really adorable and though it doesn't come out until this summer, we can't wait to see it.

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