Top Windows 8 Touch Apps: Productivity + Creativity

Want to make the most of the touch interface on your new Windows 8 tablet, hybrid or desktop? All week we're rounding up the best touch-friendly apps for Windows 8. Today: apps to help you work more effectively and be more creative.


OneNote is the first Office app to jump fully into the Windows 8 environment, using an innovative pop-up scroll wheel to select options. It syncs easily with existing OneNote notebooks so you can access them on a range of devices.


We make no apologies for always highlighting Evernote when it comes to productivity — it's hard to beat as a universal capture tool. The Windows 8 version contains all the features you'd expect, neatly wrapped into the Windows 8 interface.

SketchBook Express

On a touch screen, digital drawing takes on a whole new dimension. From Autodesk, SketchBook Express is a simple but effective drawing tool that keeps tools unobtrusive so you can focus on the actual project.


Fhotoroom incorporates the two key areas everyone seems to want in image editing apps these days: basic fixes for simple errors, and a range of styles and borders you can apply automatically to customise your picture. Simple and addictive.


Another obvious use for a touch screen: annotating documents and photographs. Skitch handles the task well, and the Evernote integration (it also comes from the Evernote team) is an added bonus.

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