Behind The Scenes At The New York Gift Fair

Behind The Scenes At The New York Gift Fair

The New York International Gift Fair — a trade show for gifts, home goods and other stuff — has heaps of scarves, an entire floor devoted to candles, and loads and loads of items your mother would consider sticking in your Christmas stocking. It also has a lot of cool products that you’ll see popping up all over the place in the coming year.

Our friends from Gamago (the guys behind so many wonderful inventions) gave us a behind the scenes look at the trade show the day before it opened. Here are some of the best things we saw this past weekend.

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, and you can also pick your iPhone case. This was the booth for Pochi, a Japanese company, and by far one of the best things in the entire show. You can buy this case here.


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The NYIGF runs at the Javits Center until January 30.