Avoid Electrocution By Using This Toaster's Clever Plastic Handles

You'll be hard-pressed to find a multi-slice toaster lacking an automatic pop-up feature these days. But if you're toasting non-standard sized baked goods, they can occasionally get trapped requiring you to either risk your life by jamming a knife in there to retrieve them, or upgrading to Ariete's Toaster Brunch.

At $US40 it can certainly still be considered a cheap kitchen appliance, but it brings something wonderful to the world of low-end toasters. Namely a removable set of cages with plastic handles that makes it easy to retrieve your toast after browning with zero risk of burning or electrocution. The toaster itself also stays cool to the touch when in use, and it's even easy on the eyes with a curvy stainless steel and stark white housing. [Ariete via Appliancist]


    Or just switch the power off before jamming a knife in there - your call....

      I would say this is mainly for the US market where most houses don't have switches on their wall sockets, unplugging would be the other thing to do but you have to let natural selection do it's thing.

    I just use a pair of wooden chopsticks

      Haha, I think a lot of people who own wooden chopsticks use this method, myself included. Jam a knife in? Really? -_-

    I just manually lift up the handles a bit more until the top pokes out.
    One problem I can see with the toaster brunch, is accidentally touching the hot metal frame.

    I just get a screwdriver and slowly n carefully dismantle the toaster. Then, after i Get my toast, quickly put it back together.

      How do you resist the urge to rewire the toaster while you have it apart?

        Because then you'd have a properly working toaster, which would just be weird.

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