Apple: Do Not Disturb Will Be Broken Until January 7

So you switched on iOS6's Do Not Disturb feature on New Year's Eve and it didn't turn itself off when you told it to? Get used to it: Apple says that automatic deactivation of Do Not Disturb is going to be broken until 7 January.

People started noticing that Do Not Disturb wasn't turning itself off as early as New Year's Day, and now two days later, Apple is here to tell you it's going to be broken for a few more days.

Apple has always had trouble with dates in the Clock app. On New Year's Day 2011, Apple's iOS Clock decided not to activate alarms for a few days. On the most recent Daylight Savings changeover, Apple deleted 3pm from the alarms reel entirely. Oh dear.

You'll still be able to turn Do Not Disturb off and on manually, but automated functionality won't be working until January 7. In the meantime, enjoy this ad for Do Not Disturb (just released...awkward) featuring Venus and Serena Williams playing table tennis. [Apple]



    Or you could just simply turn off your phone......

    This is why I left the Apple ecosystem. They don't have many bugs, but when they do, they are tardy with the patches. In 2010, my entire office was affected by a bug that set our phones alarms off at random times day and night after daylight savings started, and apple refused to patch it for almost a month because they only patch once a month and it didn't impact US customers.

      A disturbing lack of patches, then.

      Genuine question: How are the alternatives better with patches?

      I would assume Apple would be better with patches because you are dealing with a single manufacturer with a single operating system.

        In theory they should be, but they aren't - Apple takes ages even when the problem makes the device a really poor user experience (or insecure). You can google a number of articles in which apple fail to patch known exploits for months.

        I can't say I've had anything as bad as the alarm clock problem in Android - though I have recently had issues with weird data-less audio files duplicating on my play list in winamp and the stock Samsung audio player. In this instance, the community had a solution before I even realized there was a one.

        That's a problem as well. I know if I had a problem with my HTC phone's software, it would /could take months for a path to actually make it to me. I'd need to report it to HTC customer service in Australia, they'd need to replicate it to confirm it is a bug, then they'd report it back to the engineers in Taiwan, they'd work on replicating it again, and if replicated, work on a fix (if they couldn't replicate it, there'd be a heap of back and forth between all parties so far involved to work out how to replicate the bug), then once they've finally got a fix they could make it available for telco's to provide to their customers, then the telco (in this case Telstra) would do their tests, assuming there are no bugs introduced with this update, then they can make it available to end users (ie, ME).

        Source: Experience. I had a problem with HTC's mail application syncing with Hotmail. Microsoft updated the ActiveSync protocol on the Hotmail servers causing a lot of 3rd party applications to stop working. It took HTC 2 months to release an update that supposedly fixed this issue. That was a moot point by then as Microsoft had put in place work arounds on the Hotmail servers to get people up and running again.

      After iOS 6 was released iPhones were deleting our exchange calendar events for months until they released a patch. Apple knew about the bug straight away too.

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    In the new iOS7, currently in development, clever engineering by Apple has enabled the period of user disturbance to be shrunk to just four days.

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    So, somewhere some Apple "Genius" is explaining to some isheep how its not a fault but a design feature.

      No way, he is just explaining how you want to be disturbed, and that the isheep must conform.

    What the fuck Gizmodo, just because you typically copy stories from other websites and you don't get to break any 'news' doesn't mean when you do you need to get excited and make even more completely bullshit headlines with nothing to do with the problem..

    Given Apple releases 1 phone, and 1 operating system per year ... that doesn't have any major / revolutionary changes apart from a few nic-nac gimmicks here and there that are already mainstream (eg. panorama) you would think the system should be perfect ... actually you would EXPECT the system to be perfect. Yet year after year we see the same New Years bug.
    Less Marketing flare .. more substance hey Apple?? Or is Mutton done up as Lamb all you can do?

    It seems Apple have issues with each year changing over. Im jokingly suggesting this latest year bug is a marketing ploy. You see every year people get new phones at Christmas. If you kill off a few small features that people may not have used yet as the year rolls over, you can release a new commercial such as the one above then when the feature is repaired on Jan 7th all those blind new apple customers will think they have just released a cool new feature.

    Say what you will about Apple. At least they understand there are 12 months in the year, unlike Google:

      One glitch? One glitch is the best you can do in the face of apple's year after year screw up with both new year and daylight savings? every year we hear how apple is rushing to fix a fault with the daylight savings on the ifails and every year after being told that the problem was fixed it breaks again.

        Actually all manufacturers have issues with daylight savings. Although that's more a matter of playing catch up with local governments who change their switchover dates on a whim

          I have 3 Droid phones. I even have a T-Hub 2. Not once have I had a problem with daylight savings with any of them.

            Lucky you. I didn't realise that "works for me" is a valid argument for a platform A is better than platform B discussion.

              Its been a valid arguement for Apple users for a decade. Either that or "I didn't use that feature anyway."

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