App Deals Of The Day: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone

App Deals Of The Day: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone

The highly anticipated Carbon backup app now available on Google Play, runtastic PRO now free on iOS, Netbot client now free on iPad, Inbox for free on Windows Phone, plus lots more. Deals end without warning, so be quick or miss out!

This is a hand-picked selection of the best discounted apps based on user reviews. We have not reviewed the apps and do not endorse them in any way.

Productivity and lifestyle apps are listed first. Games are stacked towards the bottom of each list. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels.


Carbon – App Sync and Backup for free (new — not available on Motorola devices)
Harts Pub for free (new — Aussie!)
runtastic PRO reduced to $0.99 (normally $4.99)
Sliding Messaging for free (new)
G-Stomper – Drum Machine reduced to $2.87 (normally $5.99)
Timeline Cover 4 Facebook LITE for free (new)
Podkicker Pro reduced to $2.85 (normally $3.79)
Send It Pro reduced to $1.35 (normally $2.88)

Cubixx now free (requires PlayStation-certified device)
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Ed reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)
NBA JAM by EA SPORTS reduced to $2.86 (normally $4.99)
Oh Noes! Robots! for free (new)
Twisted Shotgun Panic Cave for free (new)


Netbot for (iPhone edition) now free (normally $5.49)
runtastic PRO now free (normally $5.49)
MyCountR for $0.99 (new)
USB Disk & File Transfer now free (normally $2.99)
WritePDF for iPhone/iPod Touch reduced to $0.99 (normally $7.49)

Gesundheit! now free (iTunes App of the Week)
FINAL FANTASY reduced to $4.49 (normally $9.49)
FINAL FANTASY II reduced to $4.49 (normally $9.49)
Backbreaker 2: Vengeance now free (normally $0.99)
Doors&Rooms now free (normally $2.99)
Memory Monster Lite for free (new)

iPad Only

Netbot for (iPad edition) now free (normally $5.49)
Star Walk HD – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide reduced to $0.99 (normally $2.99)
WritePDF reduced to $0.99 (normally $8.49)
My Pain Diary HD reduced to $4.49 (normally $7.49)

Gesundheit! HD now free (iTunes App of the Week)
Age of Myth HD now free (normally $1.99)
Theatre of the Absurd: A Scarlet Frost Mystery Collector’s Edition HD (Full) reduced to $5.49 (normally $7.49)

Windows Phone

Inbox for free (new)
WNM Live for free (new)
Paper Snow now free (normally $0.99)
Flag Recognizer now free (normally $2.49)

Breakrusher reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)
Chess Clock reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)
Freqsh reduced to $0.99 (normally $1.99)

App Deals is a daily roundup of notable new, updated and discounted apps. Know of any other awesome deals? Are you a developer and want your app listed here? Leave a comment or contact us.