Amazon Is Kind Of Shipping The Kindle Paperwhite To Australia Now

Ever since Amazon released its new line-up of Kindles back in September, Aussies were left somewhat in a lurch. Previously, Australians were only able to order the base-model Kindle, leaving us without access to the backlit Kindle Paperwhite and the intriguing Kindle Fire HD. That was until yesterday, when Amazon started shipping the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader to some Australian addresses.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6-inch, ad-supported e-reader that sports a backlight and a nice, crisp screen for easy reading. The ad-supported Wi-Fi only model will set you back $139, while the 3G ad-supported model will cost you $179. It is possible to remove the ads from the device, but you'll be paying Amazon an additional $20 for the privilege.

Before yesterday, the only way to get a Paperwhite to Australia was to use a third-party shipping service or buy it from a reseller like Readershop for a modest mark-up. Several readers have got in touch and said that their orders are now being fulfilled and their Kindles are shipping out. Furthermore, the deal hunters at OzBargain are reporting that the Kindle Paperwhite is shipping to some Australian addresses.

We have tried to get several Kindle Paperwhites delivered to various Australian addresses with limited success, but Lifehacker contributor and ex-Gizmodo editor, Alex Kidman, has ordered one successfully.

If you have been hanging out for a Kindle Paperwhite at a decent price, now might be the time to try ordering one to see if Amazon will ship it to you. Let us know how you go!



    I ordered mine yesterday for delivery to Sydney, and just got my shipment notification this morning.

    Edit: also, the $139 isn't ad-supported, AFAIK.

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    I tried just to see if it worked for me, and initially it didn't. On the page that states what items cannot be sent to the following address there is a link to "buy" available kindles in your country, - added it from here and then I was able to add and go through all the order details without a hitch

      (Canberra). Same here. This also let me buy a power adapter for Australia.

    Just a minor thing but the Paperwhite is FRONTlit, not BACKlit.

    Too late, ditched my Kindle and bought a Kobo Glo before Christmas.

      howd you like the kobo? can it read all file types?

        Loving it, haven't come across any issues as yet.

    I went for a Nexus 7 instead. I know it's not e-ink, but at least I can do other stuff on it apart from read books.

    I have had my paperwhite since November. Who cares about whether amazon ship it here or not... I had mine delivered through a parcel forwarding service (with other items) and it really didnt cost me much more.

    As for the nexus 7 (or ipad for that matter) I cant really read books on those devices... the backlit lcd screen is not really condusive to reading long form books. The kindle is far superior in this area.

    Not shipping to Australia for me:

    "Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6" High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi cannot be shipped to the selected address. To purchase Kindles available to you, please visit the Kindle product page on (intl.)"

      if you click that link it provided you will find it there for you to buy

    As above looks like you have to go into checkout and click on their hidden link to get to "selected countries". Then the webpage doesn't even tell you if its "ad-supported" or not (although it cost $199 - so I assume its not ad-supported)...I guess I'll find out once I receive it.

    Vodafone is the network Kindle uses? I thought it was Telstra... - $139 - $199 3G

    Ordered no problem. Due to arrive on Tuesday.

    The article probably needs updating with the correct links and prices, and a note to say they don't ship ad supported models to Australia.

    And Amazon could probably make the international page a little easier to find!

    for a good review and shipping prices in Aussie dollars check here .
    Im so excited I just orderd two .

    Ordered mine on Friday, got it yesterday morning. Very happy with it.

    I just purchased one. Does it mean that it doesn't support Telstra?

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