Amazon Is Kind Of Shipping The Kindle Paperwhite To Australia Now

Amazon Is Kind Of Shipping The Kindle Paperwhite To Australia Now

Ever since Amazon released its new line-up of Kindles back in September, Aussies were left somewhat in a lurch. Previously, Australians were only able to order the base-model Kindle, leaving us without access to the backlit Kindle Paperwhite and the intriguing Kindle Fire HD. That was until yesterday, when Amazon started shipping the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader to some Australian addresses.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6-inch, ad-supported e-reader that sports a backlight and a nice, crisp screen for easy reading. The ad-supported Wi-Fi only model will set you back $139, while the 3G ad-supported model will cost you $179. It is possible to remove the ads from the device, but you’ll be paying Amazon an additional $20 for the privilege.

Before yesterday, the only way to get a Paperwhite to Australia was to use a third-party shipping service or buy it from a reseller like Readershop for a modest mark-up. Several readers have got in touch and said that their orders are now being fulfilled and their Kindles are shipping out. Furthermore, the deal hunters at OzBargain are reporting that the Kindle Paperwhite is shipping to some Australian addresses.

We have tried to get several Kindle Paperwhites delivered to various Australian addresses with limited success, but Lifehacker contributor and ex-Gizmodo editor, Alex Kidman, has ordered one successfully.

If you have been hanging out for a Kindle Paperwhite at a decent price, now might be the time to try ordering one to see if Amazon will ship it to you. Let us know how you go!