A Shocking Number Of Android Devices Still Run On Gingerbread

You'd think with all the shiny new Android phones everyone got for Christmas, most people would be running some form of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or even 4.1 Jelly Bean if they were lucky. You'd be wrong, though. Over 47 per cent of the devices that accessed the Google Play store in the last 14 days were running some version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Gross.

According to statistics collected by Android Developers, 47.4 per cent of Android devices that used Play in the last two weeks are running Gingerbread software between 2.3.3 and 2.3.7. I feel so bad for them. They should be using beautifully modern versions like 4.0 or 4.1!

In more encouraging news, however, 4.x versions are now becoming more and more commonplace. Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich versions are up to 29.1 per cent, while 4.1 Jelly Bean -- the latest iteration of Android -- is pushing through 10 per cent the install base mark. Good job, manufacturers, for pushing 4.1 out quickly.

Have a look at more stats over at Android Developers. [Android Developers via Ars Technica]




    Buy me a phone that runs something higher than Gingerbread then. Elitist.

      Buy it yourself.

        "Gross"? - Did I miss an announcement regarding an extension of Trollday Thursday? ;-p

        Remember, plenty of brand new devices hitting the market packing 2.3, too, eg the Nikon S800C (refer http://www.nikon.com.au/en_AU/product_details.page?DCRPath=templatedata/en_AU/saleable_product_information/data/Digital%20Compact%20Cameras/Style/COOLPIX%20S800c.xml&currentProductTab=1&CategoryID=gp11zkme )

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        If we perform satanic ritualistic sexual favours on you Aunty Luke, will you buy us all one next payday ?

      Gross is exactly right.
      My One XL is reaping the benefits of JB :)


      BTW any one else realise this is IE 6 all over again...

      at the end of the day people use what they have and have paid for. most people do not how to upgrade these things and dont want to pay to have it done while it still works

      real world economics

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        Al lot of people can't upgrade them if it is not released for there phone.

          exactly, HTC anyone? . and ill be damned if im gonna pay for another phone until this one is broken.

    Well if Android released OS updates like Apple do via itunes, more people would update and the OS would be standarized.

      If Android COULD release updates across all manufacturers, across multiple countries, carriers & hardware capability..... They can't. That is THE problem with the OS

      kinda kills the 'competition builds innovation' argument

        That is exactly the problem with android, the manufacturers just sell the phone to make money and have no incentive whatsoever to upgrade the OS. There is nothing Google can do unless with an hardware they control like Nexus. This is where iPhone is doing better.

          There are companies I know of that are still using Windows XP. It does what they need it to do so they see no need to upgrade. And upgrading isn't always a good thing - going from Word 2003 to Word 2010 caused a big drop in my productivity (as the stupid ribbon interface tends to hide more than it reveals).

          If your phone does what you bought it to do who cares what OS it could be running?

          I upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 6 and I'm unaware of any changes from iOS 5 (except for some missing Google apps).

            You would notice upgrading from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich.

              I disagree. My Galaxy S1 is running 2.3.3 and my wifes GS3 is running 4.1. I hardly notice the difference except for the apps menu where there is now an apps and widgets tab. Wow. Yes there are some other perks, but not enough for me to want to upgrade to Cyanogenmod as a noob and not know what the hell im doing. Otherwise I've got a launcher installed that removes the ugly touchwiz interface and does a few other nice things that make my phone better to use.

            Completely agree with you, if it ain't broken don't fix it. I am still using 2.3.3. Not gonna buy a new phone just because the newer android is on it (I have cynogenmod but it has no ICS support for my device).

            In fact at my workplace I was still using XP until few months ago. Don't find anything "gross" about using Gingerbread as the author wrote. Merely a waste of money if I buy another phone.

          Except Android owners don't necessarily have to wait for major version changes to get new apps. Android owners can set default apps on stock and can even root their phones and put custom firmware on. The former does not void warranty, whereas the latter is obviously for the more experienced. You will NEVER get that kind of customisation on an iOS device.

        Yea, has put me off buying another phone any time soon...I'll just keep this one till it breaks.

    And just imagine how many more GB phones are out there, not even accessing the play store...just being glorified dumb phones

    I still use one running on 'Eclair' - An Asus-Garmin A50 that serves as my trusty GPS on longer trips. Wish that they'd worked out a way to keep that line going...

    Eventually upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus (i9250) for everything else - but I'll keep using the A50 in the car - at least until it dumps me somewhere stupid now that map updates don't seem to be happening :-(

      I could have sworn they had a Froyo update available. All the formerly Optus branded ones we sold had a sticker to that effect. It's not much better, but you get apps-2-SD functionality which was a lifesaver on my Desire.


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      Well said

    My old Galaxy S is still rocking 2.2. Haven't found the need to upgrade it as yet, especially since getting my 4.2 JB Nexus 7.

    GB isn't that bad. If we were talking Eclair or Doughnut then I'd be a bit concerned. There are plenty of people out there that don't upgrade their phone the very day their contract runs out. Give it a few years, they'll eventually upgrade.

      On second thought, I'm pretty sure some phones/tablets on the budget end of the market actually still come with Gingerbread out of the box. That's mildly unsettling but it happens.

      I think the problem lies in how many security fixes there have been since then, and it's worry how many phones are out there that can be easily* compromised.
      *I have no idea how easy it actually is.

    I spent $300 on a phone late 2011 that is still running GB, I'll probably update the phone soon but the fact that it isn't running ICS isn't a concern right now. I've never had an app not work just because I was running GB.

    My old HTC Desire HD I got at the start of 2010 was stuck on Gingerbread, the fact manufacturers fail to push updates to their handsets is frustrating, and one of the main reasons I abandoned the platform for Windows Phone 8.

    Newsflash, most smartphone buyers couldn't give a shit what version of whatever OS their device runs. As long as it works.

    As a geek I don't necessarily agree with that viewpoint but that's just how it is for most consumers.

    This elitist bitching is utterly pointless.

    How is it "gross"? My phone is only a bit over a year old and running 2.3.4. 4.x isn't THAT old. Most users on 2.3 on 24 month phone plans won't be updating until sometime this year.

    You are normally pretty good Luke but you didn't really think before writing that.

      Yeah I completely agree, also I have an Xperia Play on a plan which was promised ICS eventually after launch but they couldn't get it working right. That said there's really not a whole much difference unless ur over picky. It still works as fine as it did when I got it.

    2 Galaxy S phones in my family are on 2.1 Eclair. These is supposedly an update from Telstra, but any checking proves wrong. That is, until they are replaced as to not void the warranty, then they will both be rooted and upgraded to Cyanogenmod 10.

    I'm still on FroYo - HTC Legend. Come February, the Nexus 4 will be mine though!

    HTC Desire HD hasn't been given an upgrade from HTC, so is stuck on 2.3.5. I wish I could upgrade, but with a 24 month contract, you're going to get phones that are stuck in old OS's due to either the manufacturer not updating, or the phone not being able. So of course you're going to find that the older OS's will have more use in the Google Play store. I may have an old phone, but I still use it, and am always looking for new apps to use.

    Luke ? I hope you know the reason why Android is gonna cream all over Apple is because of that cute little green robot. Looks way cooler than a half eaten apple. I mean dude, it's Linux based.

    A cute little green robot that's Linux based...pure...genius.

    *fondles his office stress ball excitedly*

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