A Deep Look Inside Sony's Hottest New Gadgets

This is not how Sony makes its gadgets. This is a video of a Sony engineer expertly assembling a Cyber-shot RX1, the Xperia Z phone and an HD camcorder, and it provides an awesome look inside these devices.

Sony showed this video last week in a countdown to the launch of its new smartphone at CES. While the process you see is not how these devices are churned out for mass production, there are probably some similarities. And no matter what, it's always pretty cool to see all the wires and chips and circuits that make your camera a camera. [Sony via Engadget]


    I'll BET there was at least one screw left over.

      haha there's ALWAYs at least one, but this guy has each component laid out with the number of screws placed beside each part so would of made it fairly simple.

      The one thing I hate about putting electronics back together is those damn ribbon cables, they are always such a pain clipping back in, that dude used a tool that seems to make it pretty simple, I always find it awkward as hell and then they fall out if u don't get them in just right.

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