15 War Shields Only Phantom Warriors Can Carry Into Battle

15 War Shields Only Phantom Warriors Can Carry Into Battle

What is good in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. How do you take what is good in life? By smashing some fucking skulls with these Papua New Guinean war shields. Beware the man who never dies.

Shield constructed from an old 170-litre drum, Western Highlands, Bayer River area, New Guinea. [clear]

Phantom 1989 Civil War Shield.[clear]

1970s Phantom war shield with car insignia belt buckle.[clear]

Phantom, man of the match, mi nonap die.[clear]

Phantom shield from Papua New Guinea in the Pitt Rivers Museum.[clear]

Fighting Shield, Phantom, Mid-Wahgi Valley.[clear]

Phantom Shield New Guinea Minj area, Western Highlands, circa 1980s.[clear]

Phantom super hero shield from the western highlands of New Guinea.[clear]

626 Phantom v Evil Shield.[clear]

Phantom Shield, Man I no save dai.[clear]

626 (party all night) Phantom vs evil.[clear]

Phantom Shield New Guinea Banz area, Western Highlands, circa 1960-1980s.[clear]

Phantom Warrior.[clear]

Phantom, beware of the man who never die.[clear]

Wahgi people, Korkor Village, Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea Fantom circa 1998.[clear]