14 Of The Most Bizarre Fast Food Reviews On YouTube

We have our own history of weird food reviews, but man, we've got nothing on YouTube. Here are 14 of the weirdest we could find, but let us know if we've missed any standouts.

Thereviewspace Oreo Cakesters Chocolate Cream Soft Cookies Review

Cheyenne Restaurants: Red Lobster Review

Big BOX MEAL (Taco Bell) Review

Fast Food Critic — Long John Silver's

McDonald's McRib Review

Burger King — New French Fries Fast Food Review

Food Review: Chicken McNuggets & French Fries At McDonald's In Sugar Land, TX.

Hershey's Cookies And Cream Unwrapping And Review

NEW Wendy's W Burger Review

Wendy's Hot And Juicy Review — By Kram

Domino's Pan Pizza — Running On Empty — Food Review

Muscle Milk Vs Skim Milk Vs EAS Protein Drink Smackdown

Semi Skimmed Milk Review

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