You'll Never Believe These Stunning Photos Of Snow Are Real

As we trudge through December towards the new year, the northern hemisphere prepares for snowfall. But while it may be a pain in the arse when it piles up on the ground, up close it looks incredibly beautiful, as these photographs demonstrate.

These macro images of snow flakes were snapped by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin. They really capture the delicate beauty and complexity of snowflakes, to such an extent that it's difficult to believe they're actually real. They are. If you like 'em, you can see hundreds more of Andrew's images over on his LensArt website. [Lens Art via The Curious Brain via This Is Colossal]



    At least 3 of those pics look like snowflakes on pubes

      That's a pro technique. Try it yourself but indulge in unique candle wax drops.

    Most of these type of snowflakes are very small...

    Good way to see them i when they fall on a dark fabric, or woollen jumper sleeve, probably the pube look is a loosely woven or knitted wool....

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