You Could Borrow Some Bedbugs On A Visit To The Local Library

Libraries. They're bastions of knowledge, a playground for lovers of literature. That's not all though. A library can also be a breeding ground for legions of bedbugs. You escape into a novel, and an insect infestation escapes into your home.

Over the past few years, cases of bedbugs in library books have becoming more and more prevalent. It just might be enough to scare you off borrowed books for a while, if not for good. Many libraries have been taking preventative measures like keeping staff on the lookout for telltale signs or setting up visits with bedbug-sniffing dogs. When libraries do find bedbugs, they tend to take a super proactive approach, baking or freezing the offending books until they're clean. But there is always the risk -- or the inevitability -- that some could slip through.

While there's definitely something nice about leafing through the physical pages of a physical book, there's also something very nice about not being surrounded by bedbugs. Is this what it takes to make ebooks a better option? [New York Times]




    It sounds like fud spread by ebook companies to make people not want to borrow books at basically no cost. My local library is free and it lets me borrow up to 10 books, 5 DVDs, and 5 toys at one time for 3 weeks (renewable by phone twice each for a further 3 weeks). The city library charges a measly $10 p.a.

    Umm.. We don't have a bed bug problem in Australia! Why is this story even here?

      In answer to the article question , NO this will not make me pay for EBOOKS when I can have up to ten free from my local library in Australia.

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