You Can Pre-Order The Back To The Future Hoverboard Right Now

If you missed ordering it earlier this year, you can pre-order the official Mattel Back to the Future hoverboard right now. Plop down a $US130 and you'll get the 1:1 scale model that's fully sanctioned by the movies. It's the real deal.

MattyCollector is taking orders for the hoverboard starting today, and there will only be a limited amount of hoverboards available. So make sure you get in if you like BTTF or Marty McFly or Doc Brown or DeLorean or time travelling fan. Heck, if you enjoy life, you'd want this in your life.

The hoverboard was made by Mattel and developed with the BTTF movie's special effects supervisor Michael Lantieri, prop maker Mary Anne Lantieri and the BTTF godfather Bob Gale. It measures about 28" x 8" x 3" and though it doesn't actually hover, it does have a "whooshing" sound sampled from Back to the Future. It's basically the hoverboard you want until 2015 comes along. Go get yours here. They ship all over the world! [MattyCollector]

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