You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever For $25,000

You Can Buy Every Single SNES Game Ever For $25,000

If you have $25,000 lying around and gathering dust, why not spend it on buying every single Super Nintendo game ever? YES. DO IT. Also, why not hang out with me after you buy it so we can play all 721 SNES games you just bought? Sounds like a plan!

A guy is selling 721 Super Nintendo games released in the US, Canada and Mexico for $US24,999 on eBay and he promises that all the games work and that nearly all come with the original game boxes (and manuals). Byuu, the seller, built up this amazing SNES collection through half a decade of collecting video games. The dude is thorough:

I have made an effort to clean the set to the best of my ability.

Any stickers were carefully removed with a hot air gun from boxes, and with isopropyl alcohol from cartridges.

I’ve removed any magic marker writing from cartridges with isopropyl alcohol and light detergents.

I have manually cleaned every single game’s PCB contacts, and tested them to ensure the games were fully working.

I’ve tested every battery terminal with a multimeter and replaced any dead batteries that I could find.

There was little I could do about existing damage to items, and yellowing caused by UV exposure.

If you want to check out his full list of SNES games, head over to the eBay listing here. Man, the memories of some of these video games! Somebody rich buy it please. [eBay, Reddit via BuzzFeed via Kotaku]