You Can Be Arrested For Damaging Telco Gear

A man has just been charged over allegedly smashing Telstra fixed line gear to bits all over Sydney, causing millions of dollars of damage.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

ZDNet reports that a man has been charged with various offences including malicious property damage and resisting arrest after allegedly jumping into Telstra pits around Sydney and causing damage.

The man was reportedly arrested once, but after he was set loose police allege he went on another damage rampage.

He has reportedly been refused bail. Let this be a lesson to all you young-uns: stop touching our telco shit. [ZDNet]



    Ha ha ha... Fap. Kind of ironic when you think about that those are probably internet cables.

    but seriously damage a companies property, you get arrested, i'm fairly sure thats a common law.

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      What if the guy managed to sever the connection while a medical specialist was in the process of giving some life saving emergency advice via skype?

        If you had any idea how Skype really worked you'd know that the only patient that would submit to this in the first place would be a suicidal one and the only surgeon who'd agree to do it would be a murderous one.

          In fact my mate's young daughter had been attacked by a lunatic with a bottle. The cuts to her face were significant. The mother phoned her plastic surgeon (yes they are well off) who advised the attending surgeon what to do to minimise scarring. Today, thankfully the scars are barely visible. That is, I know you are wrong about the uses for the technology.

            The guy was taking a shot at Skype not at teleconferencing surgery advice. And believe me, Skype is a terrible way to teleconference. It drops connections too easily and you wouldn't want the advising surgeon suddenly missing from the procedure.

    ... This gets drilled into you as part of getting your cablers license.

    I can understand someone without a license not getting the full force of the law the FIRST time. Second time? Any way the wind blows.

    This is surprising because? I'm sure you can get arrested for breaking all sorts of public and private property.

    This article makes it sound like it's a surprise you can't get charged for damaging someone's else property. How silly!

    Not surprising at all, there has been multiple occasions where very large copper cables have been cut and sold off for scrap.

      The favoured method seems to be to back a van/truck up to an inspection pit, tie on to the cables with a strong strap/chain and drive away at high speed, ripping the cables out of the conduit. Burn off the insulation and sell copper on to less than scrupulous scrap dealer.

        Good then that we're going fibre optic unless, of course, the "glass" it is made from is something special and recyclable and that there are scrap dealers to deal with it (though it would be funny to see someone trying to flog second-hand fibre optic cable.)

          The glass is very special. You can make fibre optic cables out of it!

    "You Can Be Arrested For Damaging Telco Gear"
    Well Derrr...! :)

      Yeah, I had to wonder about that too.
      I mean, Obvious Headline is Obvious.
      You know you can be arrested for stealing it too right?
      I know, surprising isn't it.?

    " stop touching our telco shit."
    ZDNET are shareholders in Telstra and Optus?

      Not sure where that came from, but having worked for ZD for 3 years, I can guarantee they also hold no interest in any other company. Let's all be sensible here. I said "our" as in it's our public utility.

        Probably came from here Luke.
        " stop touching our telco shit. [ZDNet] "
        But in your defence, that's not how most of us would have read that.

    The legal standpoint is actually from the decades old Telecommunications Act which provided a range of powers to Telcos to build, develop and manage infrastructure as a national priority which also counts in times of war.

    Thus owning a Telco Lic allowed a range of powers for the economic benefit of the country before it was deregulated.

    Such benefits are still part of the act. For example the can force their way on your land to place a Telco tower as long as they give you the right notice. You actually can't legally stop them, and they have the right to call in federal help to continue the process. This is definitely not a friendly way but it is a little trick up their sleeve.
    Didn't do it for financial gain, apparently.
    Although this guy isn't Telstra's first issue in Cromer
    another article from the day he was in bail court

    Hrmmm this gives me ideas to finally get a new copper line to replace the crappy connection I have (300metres away from the exchange I might add) untill the NBN is installed.

    Isn't messing with any sort of carriage service, like the mail or telephones, in fact federal crime???

    Couldn't he go on a rampage against Vodafone instead? It's not like their shit works properly anyway.

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