WSJ: Apple Is Testing Designs For A TV

WSJ: Apple Is Testing Designs For A TV

Surprise! According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is working with Sharp and Foxconn to test designs for a new TV.

The Journal report claims the tests are taking place at Sharp’s Sakai plant in western Japan — one of the most advanced LCD facilities in the world — which is capable of producing sets over 60 inches in szie and already spits out devices for Vizio. Details of the tests in question are, however, predictably scant.

While Wall Street Journal rumours tend to be fairly reliable, there’s little detail in this article to actually be proved correct. In fact, it goes as far as quoting a source as saying that the TV “isn’t a formal project yet”.

Of course Apple is testing TV designs and of course it isn’t a formal project yet. Rumours have swirled for an absolute age about the future existence of an Apple TV and, and Tim Cook mentioned just last week that TV was an area of “intense interest”.

But you know what? That doesn’t mean a TV is on its way. It doesn’t even necessarily means an Apple TV will ever arrive: it just means that Apple is speculating, as it does with lots of ideas. Maybe the tests will go well and fanboys will love the TV like their children. Or maybe they’ll go badly and it will never see the light of day. [Wall Street Journal via The Verge]