Would You Want To Use Your NFC-Enabled Phone As Car Keys?

Normally you hear about NFC in some kind of "mobile payments" context, but that's not the only place it could shake things up. Hyundai is working on some new prototype tech that could have you using your NFC smartphone as the keys to your car.

Hyundai's Connectivity Concept, which won't actually go into production until around 2015, aims to harness the power of your NFC phone to make it way cooler than your keys ever were. Not only could the phone unlock your car and start it, but it could also save a sort of user profile, flipping to the right radio station or streaming music while adjusting the seat and mirrors for you as soon as you slam it into the dashboard dock.

Of course, as cool as that all is, there are security concerns. but issues like having phone theft rapidly turn into car theft could (mostly) be avoided with a user PIN or other measures. Most other concerns are just about as valid for NFC keys as well. Still, there's something that just seems weird about unlocking, and moreover starting your car with your phone. It'll still be while until any sort of implementation, but would you feel comfortable giving that kind of power to your trusty handset? [Hyundai via GigaOM]



    I definitely would. Think about it, what do you ALWAYS have on your person when you're out?

    Wallet, keys, phone.

    Merging all three into one device is not a big logical leap. Heck, let me unlock my home door with NFC as well.

    Just make sure your battery is never flat!!

      Definitely agree, only problem like you mentioned was the damn awful battery life of smartphones these days, with out your battery you'd be locked out of your house, and without being able to get into your house, how would you charge your phone?

        Of course, like most electronic door locks, you would have access to a Key Lock aswell, for these situations.

      I would prefer having something that can't easily be stolen (or hacked) like finger print recognition than give that much control of my life to Google (android) or Apple (iOS).

        I'd prefer to give it to Google over Apple.

          Seriously? You'd rather give personal information to a company that's entire business model revolves around selling personal information to 3rd parties than to a company that builds gadgets? To each his own, I suppose.

            I don't put personal information on the internet, therefore, I don't need to worry about it being sold, I don't care if they know my name or email address, they don't bother me, I don't get any marketing emails, I don't care if they know where I live, Its in the White Pages anyway, I don't care if they know where I've been, I have nothing to hide.
            Good on them if they're profiting from useless information.
            I am a Google fan, and always will be.
            I am not going to become an iFan anytime soon, as I enjoy being able to use 3rd party software, and 3rd party Hardware, I enjoy picking up a phone that is unique to every other phone, and hand picked to my taste. Not a phone that looks like every other iPhone, or the only difference is an extra inch in the screen.

          I'd say the other way around. Android have the need to have "virus scanner" apps. ..Says it all.

            My Android has never gotten a virus, and neither any one I know with an android...
            If you only read the reviews before installing apps you wont get one.

        Why on Earth would you think that you'd be giving any measure of control to Google or Apple? NFC works exactly like the many proximity keys that are already being sold with new cars. It is not some evil backdoor that will allow Apple or Google to steal your car while you sleep any more than microchipping your pet turns it into a cyborg.

    I don't see any real issue. Yes, a phone can be lost or stolen, but its probably easier to recover or remote wipe your phone than it is to deal with a set of lost keys, many of which have keyless entry or ignition now days anyway.

    NFC will be worth having only when you can use it for all this kind of stuff.

    Personally I'm waiting for a RFID chip in my wrist thats my ID,keys,ATM card and whatever else they can fit on it.

      This. Why don't we have this yet? I'm pretty sure it was promised to us by that (lying, cheating, false-hope-instilling) show Beyond 2000,

    Funny... I've been working on this for the past 6 months. We are in the final stages of testing a 'plug and play' unit that will allow you to unlock the car with NFC, on virtually any car.

    I would love to have this system fir my car. However for this to really take off we need NFC mobile payments. I can't wait for Vodafone to finish it's trail. As Google Wallet is not coming to Australia

    on the battery life issue, is it not possible to have a passive RFID chip in the phones in situations where the battery runs out? I understand there may be little or no security with this method as the "active" version of the same thing would probably add a code you could punch in on your phone before swiping the handset, this would not be available with the passive method.

      My last car had an RFID chip in the "key", which was just a black plastic blob, for starting the car but it still required a radio transmitter to unlock it.

      Yeah like smart cards, they're passive and the device you slap them onto is powered.

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