WIN! An Olympus TG-1 Tough Camera

We've already given away some killer prizes, and now we're down to the last giveaway for 2012. How do you fancy an awesome new Olympus TG-1 Tough Camera valued at $499? Here's how you win...

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Who Won?

Sockparty picks up the TG-1 after his amazing story about mutually-assured camera theft destruction.

It was during my first trip to London. It was my first morning there, and I was incredibly excited. I had scheduled a huge day of hitting all the touristy spots (Big Ben, Tower bridge, London Eye etc) and I had my Nikon D70 out of its snoot case and ready to go, even though I was still on the underground (which obviously in retrospect was a bit naive).

I was standing in the middle of a not-too-crowded carriage near a set of doors, when the train pulled up at Piccadilly Circus. Just as the doors started to close, a young bloke who I thought was asleep jumped up from a nearby seat, snatched the camera from my shoulder and took off.

Now, you can probably imagine how the story might have ended from there, but in fact this is where things get interesting. For some reason my gut reaction was, rather than chase the guy, to step forward and give the bastard a nice hard ankle tap just as he'd almost cleared the doors.

It turned out to be the perfect move, because as the doors shut I watched from the window as he sprawled out across the platform, A over T, landing directly on top of my camera. The train paused just long enough for me to watch him roll back over and look directly at me in shock, with the broken pieces of my camera underneath where he had landed.

So again, without thinking I flipped him the bird, pressed it up against the window and shouted "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, ARSEHOLE?!" before the train finally took off.

Despite the fact that my camera was stolen and subsequently destroyed, it is still one of my proudest moments. Fortunately I got the money back on travel insurance, but the most amusing part was telling the story to the Bobbies - I had to file a police report for the insurance. They all pissed themselves laughing but agreed it was one of the best stories they'd ever heard. Of course the thief was never arrested. But I guess on that day, he forgot to "mind the gap".

Here's hoping the TG-1 comes in handy, mate!

The Olympus TG-1 Tough is an excellent camera that packs a 12-megapixel sensor, f/2 lens with 5x telephoto zoom and 1080p video shooting abilities into a weaponised case that can withstand the wet, the dry, the mud and the dirt. It can even hold up against drops. The TG-1 is shock-proof, drop-proof, water-proof, dirt-proof and frost-proof. You're set for underwater depths up to 12 metres, it'll withstand a fall of up to 2 metres, a weight of 100 kilograms and can survive temperatures as low as -10 degrees C. The case is also doubly sealed for added protection. It also comes with A-GPS for geotagging your snaps and a 3-inch touchscreen.

It's worth $499 and we're excited to give this one away. So how do you win?

To win this amazing camera, all you have to do is tell us how your last camera died. Did you step on it? Perhaps it got wet? My last camera died after it fell off a boat while recording video. At the bottom of a lake in Austria there's a camera that carries the last moments we ever shared together before it fell...what's your best story?

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Important dates: • Entries close 10am Thursday December 20 • Winner also announced tomorrow • Winner will receive the Olympus Tough TG-1 mid-late January 2013 due to end of year • Full terms and conditions.


    My last camera ripped off my climbing harness and fell down a very, very long way. Never found it.
    No one believes I finished that climb.....

    Last edited 19/12/12 5:10 pm

    Stolen then broken by a wrascally possum :(
    was many years ago mind you, but sitting in a pub in Darwin, they had this massive tree in the middle of an arcade walk way thing, and the tree top was level with the second floor of the pub, a possum or 2 lived in it, they used to let tourists feed them, chilling there one afternoon, possum runs down to our table, grabs the camera strap and takes off, must have been to heavy for him because after a couple of metres he drops it onto the flagstones beneath.

    My last camera died next days after i brought as i dropped it on the floor by mistake.

    It was a while ago, but I still remember the day my good old Canon PowerShot G1 X kicked the bucket. Ever since the day on the 13th August, I have been limited to using the camera on my iPhone 3gs, slowly saving up for the Canon PowerShot G15. But how did my camera die? Well, I was having a wonderful vacation in Melbourne, staying at the City Garden Hotel on the 7th floor. I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful scenery surrounding the hotel, so I went out onto the balcony of my room. I prepared the perfect shot, capturing the spectacular skyline, and as I went to press the capture button I was startled by my wife telling me our breakfast from Room Service had arrived, and the camera slipped from my hands and fell all the way down the 7 floors, crashing onto the hard asphalt that layed below. My heart was shattered. Thankfully, though, noone was hit by the hurtling camera.

    I've never really had a proper camera. i had a Nokia a few years back that took excellent photos, Have always wanted a good camera, but in the great scheme of things, after wife kids & life, it was a luxury that never eventuated.

    Had an Olympus tough 1030u that I handed the missus on her white water rafting camp she was supervising thinking it would be indestructible based on prior attempts at destroying it in the ski slopes of japan and whistler.
    Turns out it would survive a drop, or water, or 100kg, but not all at once. It was dropped from her pocket onto a jagged rock in the shallows, and then one of the schoolkids slipped and fell onto it completing the job.

    When I next saw my camera it resembled something that had taken a bullet for someone.

    None of mine died. I take care of by babies. I'd love to test how tough these are by giving it to my daughter who is getting into photography but still has some butterfingers.

    A monkey stole it. And my attempts to barter/threaten the mammal were to no avail.

    My last camera was a touch screen Pentax - it never worked in the first place :(

    No one ever believes this, but when I was trekking across the khumbu glacier near mt Everest, I slipped and to break my fall I let go of the camera so it wouldn't get smashed between my hand and the rocks. It tumbled a few meters down (thinking it'll be alright as it was a Panasonic tough camera) onto a flat ice rink like area, then it started slowly sliding away, gaining momentum it slid and stopped about 30m on the other side of of rink. As I started to make my way around the rink to see if I could retrieve it, I heard deep rumbling sound and next thing I see is a 3m wide chunk of glacier breaking off right above where my camera rested. The big chunk of ice broke through the rink and probably my camera too....not cool

    Seeing as my last primary camera was an iPhone 4 i feel this story is valid.

    I went mountain biking with a friend in September last year and it was a rather windy day. We drove up to Faulconbridge and left my car at the beginning of the trail. We rode 7km to the point, a very large cliff, and put our bags down against a rock shelf. In my bag was my iPhone, wallet, car keys and various other things. A big gust of wind came along followed by my friend yelling "oh no" to find out my bag had been sucked out from under the shelf and thrown over the cliff. So after a long bike ride down the mountains to get my spare set of keys to get my car we decided to see if Find my iPhone was able to locate it. Turns out the iPhone survived the fall and we were able to see it on a map. On the weekend we figured we'd go and try and retrieve it. Armed with google maps and a sense of adventure we trekked down a bush trail into the valley where it had fallen to get about 1km from the bag and unable to continue due to the amount of scrub. On the way back i had a stack off my bike and now have some scars on my leg and arm. So we gave up retrieving the bag and that's how the story ends. RIP iPhone.

    I accidently took a photo of something I shouldn't have, had a encounter of the third kind, and they took my camera from me.

    I turned it on, and it made the mysterious blue smoke.
    I was a cheap camera

    'When you see the mysterious blue smoke, electronics don't work any more' - Adam Savage

    I was taking some photos of some logs near a lake when one of them moved. A crocodile's giant jaws snapped centimetres from my face. It lunged again, getting a firm grip on my camera. I heard the screen crack. The camera strap was still around my neck and the croc was pulling me in. In desperation, I poked its eye (something I learned from watching kung fu movies) and the croc let go, retreating into the water in pain.

    I ran to safer ground and checked my camera. Teeth marks punctured the body and lens. I turned it on and was delighted that it still worked. It even had amazing shots of the inside of the croc's mouth. I jumped for joy and my camera slipped out of my hands and slid down the slope to the edge of the lake.

    The croc emerged slowly and dragged my camera with it. It is no doubt using it to take profile pics of itself to put up on facebook.

    bought 8 disposable cameras for a pub crawl with 40 people all wearing zymocenosilicaphobia tshirts (fear of an empty beer glass). the Tshirt slogan was "in case of emergency fill glass". there were human pyramids, full nudity on the dance floor and general debauchery. Not one camera made it through.
    please help

    My camera died when my cousin dropped it while on an amateur film shoot inside the local library's study room. At the time, my brains were being eaten by my zombie employee. It was about zombies.

    I went to England a few years back with a couple of friends and I had to come back early (to be with the girl of my dreams) and I was the only person with a camera. So I left it with one of my mates so he could capture all the awesomeness I was missing out on and show me once he returned.

    Over a year later he came back and I asked wheres the camera so I could see the pics, and his reply was "What camera?"


    As Rick James would say "Cocaine is a hell of a drug"

    My last camera died two deaths - first the lens went out, but it was under Japan. So it went with a friend to Tokyo, and back. Unfortunately, she used it for a camera in Tokyo, dropped it in Akihabara in front of the camera store, and when it came back, it only took video with large horizontal lines.

    On it's second day of life, after filming some sweet river tubing action in Fiji and after gently floating down with my newly wedded wife, I suddenly realised why it came with a wrist strap in the box :\

    ooook,... now that I realise that I am actually logged in:

    On it's second day of life, after filming some sweet river tubing action in Fiji and after gently floating down with my newly wedded wife, I suddenly realised why it came with a wrist strap in the box :\

    I, like many young souls, have always survived the harsh image capture world with my trusty camera phone. My last camera phone was thoroughly destroyed doing something i love, trying to make a film to win a competition. It's bad, some would argue so bad its good, other would argue that its just bad. But it was a Saturday that would never be forgot!

    tl;dw? skip to 2:32 to see the bloopers.

    I let my almost 15 year old daughter borrow my camera for her school disco, they hadn't held a disco in about 15 years.
    Anyway, while the camera was turned on and the lens was out, she managed to drop the camera on the lens and bent it 45 deg, it still turned on and the screen would come on but you couldn't see any thing on it.
    that was almost 2 years ago now and i still don't have a replacement for it :-(

    My last camera didn't exactly die, I lost it.
    I will never see it ever again. :(

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