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The good times keep rolling with Gizmodo’s giveaways. Up for grabs today: A 40-inch Android Smart TV from SONIQ, valued at $496. Here’s how to win...

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Who Won?

@Mawmon scooped this one up for his amazing TV show idea based on his own, eventful, life:

A black comedy comprising a mix of an outdoor/4wd how-to with a little IT crowd and a twist of Operation Repo plus some sort of redneck reality show for good measure.

Basically, I inspect powerline assets and vegetation clearances for a living which involves driving all over Queensland informing people that we need to remove trees and scrub from around and under powerlines in towns and on farms and I am also the resident IT guy.

Sometimes it's the best job in the world, sometimes things get interesting.......

In the course of this job I have: Been in a ute that was 30 metres from a lightning strike. Had bricks thrown at my car. Spent 1 1/2 days trapped on a tidal island Been attacked by dogs Been attacked by the owners of dogs. Been bitten by Shetland pony. Punched a Shetland pony. Had guns pulled on me. Knives pulled on me. I was chased by a bull while I was on a quad bike. I was attacked by an ancient and tiny lady with a shovel. Suffered a serious back injury.

Add to the mix: A dog with developmental issues. A cat with abandonment issues. Another cat that I have seen 3 times in the last year because she won't come out from under the bed(we know she is fine because there is often purring coming from under the bed, it's deeply creepy). And last but by no means least, my partner who has a list of eccentricities too long to list.

Don't lose heart if you missed out, we've got new comps every day!

The SONIQ E40S12A has 3x HDMI and 1x component inputs and a 4000:1 contrast ratio. It runs Android 2.2.1 so you can bring the power of Apps and the Web (including Flash support) into your lounge room. It also gives you access to the latest online content through Cinavision. A full function QWERTY keyboard remote is included. Not bad for sub $500. More here.

To enter: Simply tell us in the comments what type of show your life would be if it were a TV show...and why.

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    A very boring one.. I don't think that needs an explanation.

    Definitely one of those comedy shows where I play a stylised, more interesting, but strangely, totally depressing version of myself.
    That way I could slip in a few of my more 'embarrasing' life moments and pass them off as pure fiction :)

    While I'd love it to be some kick-ass action adventure show, my life would probably result in a sitcom that isn't even a comedy.
    Maybe something like the Truman Show, only with less Jim Carrey.

    A terrible big brother style reality show.
    All because I rarely leave the house and it is sad to watch it.

    Last edited 14/12/12 11:32 am

    A strange mix of the Simpsons and Big Bang theory. Hopefully only about 15 minutes an episode, because otherwise my life is not very interesting!

    Why would anyone want to watch a TV show of watching someone watching a TV show?

    I got it, Inception the TV Series.

    I would have to say it would be like The Office.
    Mainly due to the fact that I spend a lot of time there.. but also because of the workplace dramas/ antics/ pranks provide many hours of entertainment.

    My life would be a musical documentary. I am a researcher (in robotics), so most of my time is spent learning and creating new things. However, I'm a keen musician and always listening to music while working so the doco would have a great soundtrack. Perhaps the entire documentary would be performed in song... with robots dancing.

    my life would be a sitcom mix of buffy the vampire slayer without the vampires, up all night but with more kids, big bang theory but with more nerds, and adventure time with more surreal life lessons and kick-assery. As long as there was a laugh track and a catchy title theme as well, and some morgan freeman narrating, that would pretty much be awesome.

    Breaking Bad. If I told you why, I would have to kill you.

    Last edited 14/12/12 10:05 pm

    I think I'd be a cross between Cheers and Office Space. Add in some sexual frustration along with a liberal dose of inappropriate public behavior and you have a winning combination.

    On a metaphorical level it would be a sitcom in which I was a washed-up former TV star whom a studio has decided to jump on the bandwagon and have play himself, being constantly badgered by the show's writers to start 'living' so that they have something to actually write about.

    It would be like Today Tonight where I'm constantly being ripped off by scams, still being breast fed at 30, receiving outrageous phone and electricity bills, but fortunately, also know the SECRET OF BIG WINNING!!!!

    Last edited 14/12/12 11:47 am

    I'm like a documentary on sharks, or Nazis.
    I'm constantly available with very little searching and surprisingly popular, especially late at night. There is, however, an undercurrent of fear and morbid curiosity that compels people to stare at me.

    If my life was a TV show, it would be the walking dead.
    I work at a Cemetery.

      I will go ahead and assume that you are au fait with the following:

    A slapstick comedy. With exaggerated ways of me getting hurt due to clumsiness. Yes... exaggerated.

    A mix between IT Crowed and Modern Family.
    Where each day is different from the other.

    Mad Men - My office is somewhat alcoholic, predominantly male and a smaller angler going for the big fish. Then I get to go home and try and live a "normal" life. I'd watch it.

    A TV show about my life would be like Mythbusters. Lots of explosions and maniacal laughter. And when in doubt, C4. This is in addition to my day job of being a professional demon hunter and zombie assassin.

    And some people think I have a hard time differentiating video games from real life...hah! Everyone knows real life has way better resolution and framerate.

    Well for starters, it would be in 3D! Cherry picking the good times, it would be a travel show, Grange Hill and Human Traffic flavoured. 3 seasons would be sufficient, unless there was a huge fan base, then we could make a future one. Where I invent Hoverboards, and give one to Michael J Fox.

    It would be another infomercial for the H2O Mop X5...

    Damn, I love that thing... Spill fricassee chicken in the kitchen: H2O Mop X5. Drop chocolate milk on the carpet: H2O Mop X5. Oil stains on the driveway: H2O Mop X5. Gotta kill a spider: H2O Mop X5. Kids bath time: H2O Mop X5. Date night with missus: H2O Mop X5.

    Big Brother cross one of those terrible "talent" shows mixed with The Big Bang theory with a little bit of Sons of Anarchy thrown in and you probably have my area and my pathetic life!

    South Park, I swear a lot, lack dimension and on at least one occasion have gone to battle against a gigantic Mecha Striesand hell bent on molesting the ears of anyone within range.

    Last edited 14/12/12 1:19 pm

    Like Breaking Bad.

    But without the meth, murder, and marriage-issues.

      So basically you and your teenage son eating breakfast?

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