WIN! A 32GB iPod Touch Thanks To Dyson

It's a new week, and we've got new and shiny prizes to give away in the Gizmodo Giveaway week! Today you're playing for: a 32GB iPod Touch (Product RED edition), valued at $329 thanks to our friends over at Dyson.

This competition is now closed.

Who Won?

Tollstar walked away with the prize for inventing a way to save the world for his own personal gain:

Step 1: build clone machine step 2: obtain Sir James Dyson DNA, probably in a manner resembling mission impossible (que mission impossible music) Step 3: use obtained DNA to create a Sir James Dyson clone Step 4: inform Sir James Dyson clone that the year is 2087, the world is now an apocalyptic wasteland after an experimental bomb turned the air toxic. It is now up to you, Sir James Dyson clone, to build us an air filtration system powerful enough to clean the toxic air and return our planet to its former, life infested, glory. (note to self, find out if Morgan Freeman could prerecord speech) Step 5: assume he can do it before 10am tomorrow, give a few motivational high fives Step 6: write a short description of Sir James Dyson clone's air filtration system in gizmodo comments Step 7: win iPod Step 8: destroy clone machine, no man should have such power Step 9: ??? Step 10: profit

Nice one, Tollstar. An iPod Touch for you!

The brand new, 6th-Generation iPod Touch has been overhauled both outside and in to be the prettiest and most functional iPod Touch yet. Not only is it crazy-thin and wonderfully light, but it also has the specs of an iPhone 4S. Boasting a 4-inch Retina display, a dual-core A5 processor and a five-megapixel rear camera with added strap, this thing is the media hub of your dreams.

It's valued at $329 and comes pre-installed with Dyson's new game: Dyson Balloon Game. It's crazy-addictive and you'll spend a good while cracking through the 61 challenging levels. It's available on the App Store if you want to pick it up for yourself.

To Enter: All you have to do to win this excellent prize is tell us what you would invent if you were a genius like Sir James Dyson. He's already invented bladeless fans, bagless vacuums and those funky Airblade hand-dryers, and God only knows what he's got cooking next.

If you were a genius inventor like James Dyson, what would you invent and why?

It could be a jetpack that helps you get to your mate's house, or a self-crushing Coke can that improves recycling, or even a time-travelling Police Box. The sky is the limit. Just tell us what you would invent and why.

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Entries close tomorrow (Tuesday, 18 December) at 10:00am AEDT. The winner will be announced shortly after that.


    I would invent a fine mesh lid to put over fruit to keep fuit flies away. Similar to those fly protector things but a finer mesh.

      *holds up his fine mesh lid*

      LIKE THIS ONE????? O_O

        yes, exactly like that but dome shaped so it can go over a fruit bowl. I know something almost identical already exists, but i want one with a finer mesh.

          Im just teasing :D ours is a super fine mesh like flyscreen but its got a metal frame around it. It looks segmented. If someone could do a frameless one that would be insanely good :D

            No worries, I know it is a rather mundane "invention" but it is something I often wish i had. I should probably just go ahead and make one :)

              Actually, its one of the more practical, good ideas :) I'd damn well use it. A lot of the smaller fruit flies etc get through existing mesh lids. So go for it :D

    A device that teleports all of your stuff from one house to the next so that moving house is a whole lot less pain.

    hoverboards... real life legit hoverboards, because.... HOVERBOARDS!

    I would totally invent a hovercraft attachment for a skateboard to create a REAL, working Marty McFly hoverboard/hoverscooter. Those airblades are clearly hardocre enough to support a kid (or height-challenged man-boy).


    Last edited 18/12/12 5:03 pm

      So you would invent a dog? Dogs can be trained to smell out some cancers early on. Let's see a cat do that!

    I would invent a hover board that works and charge $165 each. My only other competition would be a $165 board that doesn't even hover.

    I would invent a photo booth that could automatically detect possible melanomas using HD cameras. Installed in change rooms, patrons would step in after taking a shower and the machine would take photos of their body and analyse the pictures for potentially deadly skin cancers. If anything suspicious is found, a referral is printed advising that the person speak to a doctor..

    A laptop with a second touch screen down the bottom that can be a keyboard, display your calender, sticky notes, appointments etc and even be the start screen for Windows 8!

      Sorry, already done a few years ago.

        I knew something similar had been done, but not the way I would have done it ;)

    If I was a genius like Sir James Dyson who seems to be able to invent things that don't need what us normal people considered key elements (as mentioned in the post, fans without blades and vacuums without bags) yet they still work, I would invent a transport system that removed the moving vehicle element. This device will allow people to disappear and then reappear almost instantly at their destination. I would name it the "Dyson Travel-Time Divider"!

    I would invent a device to turn the hot sun rays into water (no more deserts)

    I would invent cordless charging devices, because cords are rather painful

    An underwater propulsion backpack which also extracted breathable oxygen as a by-product of it's turbine action. Right up Mr Dyson's alley, I'd say. ps. Ideally it would be powered by magnesium-ion batteries for double the running time over lithium-ion and less volatility in water. Does that count as two inventions?
    Merry Xmas all, and thanks for the comp!

    I would invent a nano-particle that could be put into paint, applied to a wall and then, with the right electrical signal sent to it, changed to any colour instantly without repainting.

    Still waiting for Mr Dyson to make a Tinted window that acts as a Solar Panel for our homes. Everyone would be living in "GLASS HOUSES".

    I would invent a doorstop that is linked in with the door handle, so when you turn the handle the door stop lifts up allowing the door to swing and when the handle is let go it holds the door in position, infact if i won the ipod id attempt to make this invention a reality using only the ipod much like the African kid did with his water purification system ( i think i read something about that anyway )

    I would invent a patent system that actually works because the current ones clearly don't.

    For those hot summer days, a compact personal air conditioning dome, solar powered so you can sit down and watch the cricket all day long, and compact enough you can walk around with it too.

    Carpet where the arrangement of fibers worked in a way to channel the dust to one side of the room. So you only then need to vacuum that one area.

    So the act of just daily life, walking over it would slowly be pushing the dust in a set direction.

    I would invent a cordless garden hose! Can you imagine a world without the kink prone and tangle attracting madness that is the current garden hose? Also, imagine the potential market and economies of scale that could be achieved.

    A usb powered, maneurverable, bladeless fan.

    I call it the dyson USBlade.

    I would invent an instant transmittion watch or armband for dragonball Z style teleporting.

    Imagine thinking about going snowboarding but realising that its summer here in Australia. Oh well, It only take 1 picosecond to get to Canada! Bad conditions? No worries you can get to abu dhabi for indoor action! Live in Mildura, but need something they only sell in melbourne? Quick and easy.

    The real trick will be figuring out how to teleport your all of your clothes with you without taking the ground your standing on. Or worse, Leaving your clothes behind and teleporting yourself to a party naked!

    I would invent a wind electricity system that harnesses the wind tunnel effect found in large cities. These small devices would be mounted to the sides and tops of buildings and would help provide power to the city by harnessing the wind passing throughout the city.

    I would invent a device that replaces a molar in the back of your mouth which automatically cleans your entire mouth so i never have to brush my teeth again!

    I would invent a wireless charging system for the iPod.... that could be installed in your car.... or office desk drawer...

    Even better, invent an upgradeable iPod so that when Apple launched a new version next year, my iPod could be auto-upgraded....

      A snake walking leash - because even our reptile friends surely like to go walking?

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