WIN! One Of 10 Opena iPhone 5 ... Bottle Opener Cases!

Can you feel it? The end of the year is upon us and fun in the sun awaits. If you're planning to enjoy a tasty beverage or two, what better way to geek out than with a bottle opener built into your iPhone 5 case. They're worth $40 each and we have 10 to giveaway!

This competition is now closed.

Who Won?

It was tough, but we narrowed the field down to 10 winners. Here they are.

informedgamer picked up an Opena case for wooing airport security into buying him alcohol:

I actually used it at the international airport security because they were genuinely intrigued. Not only did I get to keep it for the flight, they even paid for the beer just to see it in action. Definition of winning.

gs500f wins for beating NASA at its own game:

You would need one on Mars. The rover has every other gizmo and gadget but not a swanky bottle opener.

scottrx7 is smarter than most survivalists:

Sitting in my end of the world bunker, realising that I have 30 cases of beer and no bottle opener.

scottpartridge is all about the upside:

There is NO doubt in my mind I will be using this when Apple maps decides to take me, my mates and a case of beers to some completely unexpected destination other than the beach, party or whatever summer activity I have planned... then BOOM instant roadside beers with the mates thanks to the opena bottle opener. Then after a few I would realize, why didn't I just use google maps?

ianknighton for giving me a tip I can use myself:

Visiting the in-laws. Whip one of these out, and I can see her father taking a more favourable stance towards me - and my passion for geek-toys!

vandab is a sentimentalist at any altitude:

On a space shuttle. Imagine travelling all the way out into orbit and seeing a magnificent sunset and forgetting to pack the bottle opener!

localhost wins for breaking the rules in the booziest way:

I would use it at a restaurant under the table when I BYO my beer to a non-BYO place :)

truthfulnerd's entry won't win any numbers, but it will win an Opena case:

Trying to pick up a very attractive woman in a bar by offering my opena and in turn phone to get her number. Smooth.

tallrob_adelaide knows that being a cheeky bugger is not location-specific:

At a Samsung Christmas party!

And finally, elizabethg wins for solving all of our problems

Waiting in line at the supermarket on Christmas eve...

Congratulations to all our winners!

This year's Opena case is thinner, lighter and more durable than ever. It's about celebrating convenience in a cheeky way. So with that in mind, here's how you can enter to win one:

Simply to tell us in the comments the most unusual/funny place you could imagine requiring the services of the Opena. Winners will be able to choose between either black or white. Fancy.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Competition closes 10am 24th December. Prizes sent out mid January. Full terms and conditions.

Merry Christmas!


    Vomit Comet

    August 1912. On the Titanic. Because if I couldn't have one final drink before drowning, because a pop-top got in my way, I might throw my iPhone at something.

    WOnder how many people will click on the image and not know its a competition page and be utterly disappointed

    On safari! Ever tried to open the only 2 longnecks within 100 km by levering the lids against each other. Don't! At least I had my phone there to photograph the broken bottles.

    You're at a party and spot a damsel in distress, desperately trying to open her drink to quench her thirst. No bottle opener in sight, you arrive with your trusty bottle-opening-smart-phone. She'll be so ecstatic, that while your phone is out, you can grab her number all in one fluid movement. That's what I call convenience!

    Anywhere. If I had to use this anywhere it would be unusual.

    Surely everyone has worked out that using this to open a fizzy drink while attached to a $500 or more piece of kit means there is no place to use it, unusual or otherwise?

      Especially when it's a $500 piece of kit with liquid sensors in it, that can trigger from a single drop and void your warranty...

      I used mine for many fizzy alcoholic beverages that have spiilt everywhere. Not a single drop ended up on my phone.
      Time to live a little ;)

    I'd use it to save face after embarrassing myself trying to use the skin of my forearm to open what I mistakenly believed to be a twist top.

    In a bottleshop, u just can't wait in the line to buy it first.

    For the next three nights I will be dressed as an elf, handing out lollipops to children. I can see myself needing a drink afterwards.

      ...and you might need a lawyer.

    Just before the world is coming to an end... That last beer!

    Probably at uni to get away from boring lecturers, drinking at the back like we should be!

    Standing in a night club playing an intense bout of Angry Birds when an inconsiderate blonde walks up requesting assistance with her beverage. You sigh. You then slide your left hand middle finger horizontally, brandishing your iPhone's hidden power. You open the bottle for the interrupter and then get back to killing green pigs. You go home alone.

    If I see someone struggling to open a drink I would find myself pulling out my phone saying "I have an App for that!'
    Usually no one laughs at my jokes but at least I'd get their drink open.

    at the bottleshop in the freezer at the back.... where there are no cameras... hmm....

    As work have just issued me with an iPhone 5, I would like to use the Opena case in my next governance meeting, at breakfast time.

    i would use it just like the picture above using it on a twist top just to show off :p

    I had one for the 4 and it was amazing, but then upgraded :(

    I actually used it at the international airport security because they were genuinely intrigued. Not only did I get to keep it for the flight, they even paid for the beer just to see it in action. Definition of winning.

      lol thats awesome!

    work christmas party. Sneak in a couple of extra bottles, less trips to the bar.

    At work, behind the bar, where you can never seem to find those illusive bottle openers that are always hidden behind bottles and under trays! Whip out your phone and start using that as a bottle opener!

    My most unusual/funny place would be in front of my potential boss at my job interview in two weeks time.

    Going into summer, there's nothing worse than not having a bottle opener handy. In times of need an Opena would therefore warrant the saying, "Never fear, I've got an Opena for your beer!"

    At the flying saucer ride at Luna park Sydney. Where you are rotating vertically really high up and when you let go of the safety bar you feel like dying and vomiting. If you already feel like dying, chugging a few beers wouldn't make a difference. Actually it might even help.

    I've just got back from Breckinridge in Colorado, it was so cold my iPhone shut down, with an Opena I could make great use of the cold by enjoying a nice frosty (literally) one without having to carry anything extra! :)

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