Why Launching Fireworks From A Hot-Air Balloon Isn't The Best Idea

No matter the occasion, fireworks are always festive. Usually, you'll launch them from a boat, or the ground, or maybe for your back porch. But the Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival? They're launched from a hot-air balloon. What could possibly go wrong, right? This. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we're best off sticking to good old Christmas lights. [reddit]


    What really surprises me about human nature is shown in this video. Full sized flaming fireworks are spraying out into the crowd and people are standing there ooing an arhing videoing the event.

    No apparent awareness that those flaming arrows of pain could actually kill them, just weird. :(

      Something to do with the 'Bystander Effect', they don't see anyone else running away so the conscious part of their mind doesn't register anything is going wrong. If just one section had broken away screaming that place would've been mostly cleared of bodies in moments.

    LOL at the bystander videoing with an iPad at about 1:38.

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